Hbcus: Harmful Or Successful?

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Education is the greatest and weapon anyone can have; it’s the one thing nobody can disarm you of. When you’re educated about many things you gain success because you learn more about the world and people around you. In the mid 1800s most colleges and school’s barely accepted African-American students. Consequently, after the Civil War African-American education began to blossom so, black ministers and white philanthropist began to establish schools. There were over 100 of them that were opened, that we now call HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges or Universities). Therefore, their hunger for education made them work diligently to obtain degrees and make something of themselves. I honestly believe today’s generation has lost sight of that. It’s just filled with a few ignorant individuals who feel an HBCU is a refuge to escape society or reality. And …show more content…
Most of them are usually smaller and more intimate compared to PWIs (Predominantly White Institutes). Where on the other hand PWIs average out at about 33,500 students. Although these Universities/Colleges are predominantly white, you can find about an average of 12% of the population to be African-American students. Some people comment that they’d rather be at a HBCU because they’re around people that “are more like them”. Nevertheless, after the information I gave beforehand one can see that you can find an HBCU sized group of African-American students at a PWI. Not only that; but, I’m sure most of the students that attend HBCUs don’t know every single student. So having 12% of the enrollment population at a College/University to be African-American should be enough. This gives one a win-win situation, where they’re exposed to the diversity of the United States of America. Which is important, because you have the opportunity to learn from a larger myriad of people and cultures other than just an African-American

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