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  • Powerball Jackpot Essay

    follow the story, I kept up with five different sources-EBSCOhost, CNN, New York Times, Dayton Daily News, and Fox News. After tracking the story, I discovered New York Times was the best source. Therefore, anyone interested in the news should read a national newspaper, like the New York Times. For four days, I closely followed five different news sources all on the same story, the Powerball jackpot. I checked on each news article daily for any updates…

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  • Frisk History

    History of Racial Bias with New York Police Department Stop and Frisk Policy New York utilize constitutional laws to govern its state, they relied on constitutional guidelines, for example; New York did not incorporate an express protection from unreasonable searches and seizures into the state constitution until 1938, relying instead upon Section 8 of the Civil Rights La. Section 12 of Article I of the State Constitution contains two paragraphs, the first identical to the Fourth Amendment and…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Penn Place In The Heart Of New York

    I live in the heart of Manhattan. I live one block away from Penn station, in between 34th and 35th street on 8th avenue. I live at the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel. I am in a very populated area of New York City. It is not populated with lots of residence but with commuters and tourists. The building that I live at is the only place on my block that you can reside. You can tell that my street is very touristy and very convenient for commuters. The buildings that are on my streets are all…

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  • Cultural Diffusion In New York City

    Known by many nicknames, including the “Empire State” and “The Big Apple” New York City is one of the most important places of the world. Throughout the diverse history New York has been the home of many talented and famous people. New York City has so many cultural attractions and many visitors flock more annually to experience the city. Did you know that the city was originally called New Amsterdam! Also during the 20th century more than 3 million people started immigrating to NYC due to its…

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  • Most Influential Baseball Player: Babe Ruth

    Babe Ruth was one of the most influential players in baseball history. There are many reasons this is true. He was a player during the time where there were many scandals going on in the game and that truly hurt the game and that fan base. He was able to bring fans back to the game with his style, performance, passion, and character. He was an instantly likeable player that was able to draw fans into a game they had lost faith in. A game that had taken advantage of them and made them feel…

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  • Summary Of Kenneth Jackson's Crabgrass Frontier

    Kenneth Jackson contends in Crabgrass Frontier, that the development of the skyscraper with the telephone and elevator emphasized the vigor of the American city in the 19th century, “but the extraordinary prosperity and vitality of most urban cores between 1890 and 1950 cannot be understood without reference to the streetcar systems.” Unlike cable cars or the railroad, streetcars highlighted the business district and connected the people to the heart of the city. The streetcar enabled…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Sport Of Baseball

    Baseball: the sport where you stand around for 20 minutes and move 3 feet to the left and move 3 feet to the right. It’s so intense. It’s so intense that you could take a nap on the field with everything out there. Of course, I’m being sarcastic. The only time it’s actually fun is when you’re annihilating the other team while they’re asleep on the field. Being on the other end of the stick in the situation makes you wish for a mercy on you and you can just go home and play Xbox for the rest of…

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  • Diversity In New York City

    Topic: Diversity in New York City General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: I want to inform my class of three main areas of diversity in New York City. Central Idea/Thesis Statement: Three main areas of diversity in New York City are: (1) culture; (2) architecture; and (3) distribution of wealth. Introduction I. [Attention Getter] Imagine walking down the street as you notice your surroundings. A. You smell fresh Italian food as you step out of your taxi. B. You start walking and see a…

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  • Why Did The Harlem Renaissance Changed America

    time, but it was so much more. The Harlem Renaissance was about Blacks being able to change their lives and others lives for the better. Life in the South was rough that is why many people moved to New York to find a better living situation and in turn they created a movement that changed the United States. The Harlem Renaissance changed America through literature, politics and entertainment. First, The Harlem Renaissance changed America through literature. During the years…

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  • Creative Class Theories

    As a result, the old New York-Los Angeles rivalry is changing, at least on the East Coast side of the equation. No longer do in-the-know New Yorkers reflexively parrot sneers like the old Woody Allen line, that the only cultural advantage of Los Angeles is the right turn on red. Indeed, Los Angeles has seemingly become the flight…

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