Descriptive Essay: My Trip To Las Vegas

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My trip to Las Vegas was the best that I have ever experienced. I was so excited to go and visit the city that is known to “never sleep”. Las Vegas offers so much to so many people and I was so happy to see what it offered. I couldn't wait to see all the bright lights from the famous street above in the airplane, hear all the noise from the people walking at all hours of the day and night, and lastly I was so happy to be all the way across the country in a state that was so hot! Flying into Las Vegas was so exciting to me! I could understand why people are so attracted to this place. Through the window of the plane I could see the bright lights of the city. It was night time when we were landing, but it seemed like day because of the glitter and flashes of lights from the Strip. The neon lights went for miles and miles. …show more content…
People were shopping, gambling, and just having fun all night! We stopped and visited Chocolate World and the Coca Cola stores, which were so enticing. Most of the adults were gambling in hopes of winning lots of money. There was excitement for all! Las Vegas is in the desert, and when I arrived I could feel the dry heat before I stepped off the plane. It feels different than when it's hot in the east. We traveled in March so the temperature was about 80 degrees. I was so thrilled to go swimming! I really enjoyed being able to feel the desert heat. I have never experienced the difference before and was glad that I did. My trip to Las Vegas will never be forgotten. I got to experience and visit the most beautiful, bright city ever! I heard the loud noises of the overwhelming number of people listening to chimes and bells from machines. I heard laughter through the streets from the stores of which we visited, and the weather can make anyone feel good! Although the time there was tiring, the emense excitement was better than some holidays. Las Vegas will

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