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  • Pseudomonas Case Study

    studied an isolated strain of Pseudomonas sp. SUK1 from the waste disposal sites of local textile industries in India, with the objective of evaluate an ecofriendly textile dyes biodegradation. To isolate the microorganism, they first collected a soil sample from the waste disposal site and inoculated the sample in a nutrient medium with a dye. Then they incubated and plated in agar with dye. The colonies that had a halo of decolorization were selected to be submitted to biochemical tests and…

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  • Arundel, Maine: Land Degradation

    and encroachment. Degradation can also range from nutrient depletion, changes in soil structure and PH, desertification, and loss of organic matter (Brennan, 2005). The beautiful land in many parts of Arundel has become very over grazed. This is the main cause of the land degradation. Over grazing can lead to soil erosion and deposition, land degradation, and the overabundance of weed take over. Additionally, soil loses can lose it’s nutrients and organic matter. Overgrazing…

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  • Soil Health Assessment

    Soil Health Assessment on the Sanborn Field Long-Term Experiment Study: a review Saranya Norkaew Department of Soil, Environmental, and Atmospheric Sciences School of Natural Resources, University of Missouri-Columbia MO Introduction Degradation of soil resources is still the most serious and widespread threat to humankind. Soil has an important role to play in the global environment of food security, water security, climate stability, biodiversity, and ecosystem services (McBratney et al.,…

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  • Feed Analysis Values

    The values that arise from the feed analysis were: the dry matter, crude protein, acid detergent fibre, neutral detergent fibre, pH level and ash. Specifically, the value for the dry matter is the corrected value in order to allow for acids, volatile acids and other components that lost on oven drying. The crude protein which is determined from the total nitrogen of silage is 88.33 (g/kg DM). The value of the acid detergent fibre which is a measurement of lingin, cellulose and lignified nitrogen…

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  • Peat Soil Essay

    Modern peat soil research focus on peat soil improvement using chemical stabilization since 19th century. The stabilizer that can be used for the peat soil chemical stabilization have increased in varieties. Ordinary Portland cement and lime are two of the most common peat soil stabilizer found. However, due to the scarcity of the natural resources, substitution for the peat soil stabilization study was done in recent. In this context, few of the researches that related to the peat soil basic…

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  • Effect Of Dissolving Alka Seltzer In Different Liquids

    Dianne Termine Honors Chemistry Period 5 Group: 22 Topic: Dissolving Alka-Seltzer in Different Liquids Due Date: September 30, 2016 (2) Background Research The topic of this experiment is investigating and researching whether different properties in different types of liquids affect the amount of time it takes for an Alka-Seltzer to dissolve. The independent variable would be the amount of liquid being used to dissolve the Alka-Seltzer pill. The dependent variable would be the amount of…

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  • Daphnia Experiment Reaction Paper

    it ionized into gibberellin and H+ ions. Buffered and unbuffered gibberellic acid 5000 mg/L stock solutions were used for spiking exposure jars. The buffered stock solutions were buffered with sodium bicarbonate until the solution reached a neutral pH. Glass jars were filled with moderately hard water and spiked with the appropriate amount of the gibberellic acid 5000 mg/L stock solution to total 100 mL. As an example, the 625 mg/L concentration had 12.5 mL of gibberellic acid 5000 mg/L stock…

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  • The Causes Of Mandatory Acidosis

    thing to humans than anything else. It is important to take care of the body from any harm. One thing that the body is capable of is maintaining pH levels and buffers. A pH is the power of hydrogen and buffers prevent extreme shifts in pH. The blood has a specific type of buffer that is maintained at pH level of 7.4. If the buffers shifts and levels of pH go to 7 or 7.8, it can be deadly. The blood buffer contains carbonic acid which dissociates into bicarbonate acid and hydrogen ions. This…

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  • Freshwater Plankton Case Study

    for AGD requires checking for few things before and during the treatment to carry out a successful and effective treatment. 1. Freshwater Source: The freshwater source should be checked for temperature, total ammonia nitrogen and ammonia percentage, pH, hardness, salinity and any harmful plankton. Temperature: Freshwater with temperature closer to the temperature that treating fish are being reared in is best choice. Colder the water better as higher temperature also plays a role in…

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  • Isolation Of Naphthalene Lab Report

    Introduction In this experiment, the goal was to isolate an organic substance. Using extraction, a basic, acidic, and neutral substance was expected to be extracted from the original unknown compound. Extraction is a process that allows the separation of substances that were previously mixed together through the use of a solvent1. This can be useful in situations where the substance has both the desired product and undesired byproducts in it. In order for extraction to work, the solvent must…

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