Soil pH

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  • Case Study Panodon

    Monodon. 1. Culturing site For culturing site there are few aspects that need to be considered which are topography, Weather condition water supply, accessibility, and soil condition. The area selected is usually located near to supply of water with salinity ranging from 10 to 20. The area should also be free of any pollutant with soil pH from 7-8.5. Pond elevation should also be within the reach of ordinary high tides. Easy access to support facilities such as electric power plant would be an…

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  • Chesapeake Bay's Water Quality

    rock, sand, and soil. The dependent variable would be the water quality. To test the water quality, test the pH level, the amount of dissolved oxygen, and the level of nitrogen and phosphorus. To keep the trials constant, the starting water quality needs to stay the same, the amount of water needs to stay the same, and the container needs to stay the…

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  • Rainwater Polluted Lab Report

    has a pH of 7. However, water is subject to pollution and can easily be polluted by acidic compounds. And when you live in an area with a refinery, the surrounding waters can be very polluted. For this lab, we will test the various freshwater sources around Madison County and determine whether they are polluted or not. Literature Review One thing to consider with freshwater is its pH (which is short for power of hydrogen). A water source’s pH can determine whether it is acidic or basic; a pH…

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  • Coffee Plant Research Paper

    and time consuming. Therefore, simple method of application is suggested as under. Remove the mulch under the plant canopy leaving one foot circle around the main stem. Slightly disturbing the soil in the de-mulched area with forks. Broadcasting fertilizer uniformly and evenly in this area and reworking the soil. Cover again with the removed mulch. This method is very efficient and it avoids volatilization and washing away of nutrients. In steep areas, fertilizers will be applied in semi arch…

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  • Floating Plant Hydroponics

    they were shocked to see trees floating in the middle of a lake. The Aztecs had found a way to create floating beds that could support the trees and suspend the roots in the water. The famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon are thought to have used no soil, only channels of water to support the plants. The Floating Gardens of China were similar to the Floating Gardens of the Aztecs. Civilizations through time have contributed to our modern understanding of Hydroponics. In World War II, the United…

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  • Cole Camp Creek Case Study

    Changing that level by even a small amount can kill the animals. The pH level determines how acidic the water is. When water with a lower pH level comes into contact with certain chemicals and metals, the poison level can go up. The factors that affect the pH level are: the composition of soil and bedrock where the water moves, how much plant growth and plant material is in the water, chemical disposal into the water, how much acid…

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  • The Importance Of Chemistry In Forensics

    chemistry, we use pH to contrast and compare the acidities of different solutions, and when we do this we can determine the solution to be either acid, neutral, alkaline, or basic.The reason why solutions are different, as in being acid, basic, neutral, or alkaline, is due to the hydrogen ions activity in the solution. (Senese, 2010) One example of trace evidence that forensic chemist use pH to test is soil. This is because soils have different pH levels, and when they can get a soil sample they…

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  • Snow Green Pea Plants

    pea plants grow faster in a mixture of 25% potting soil and 75% compost, in 50% potting soil and 50% compost, or in 75% potting soil and 25% compost? Hypothesis: If Snow Green pea plants are grown, starting from seeds in three different ratios of soil to compost (25% potting soil and 75% compost, in 50% potting soil and 50% compost, and in 75% potting soil and 25% compost) then the peas that were in the 75% potting soil and 25% compost soil will grow the fastest. Introduction: The question…

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  • Vinegar Experiment

    transplants, soil, carbonated water, vinegar, five clear plastic containers, an aluminum tray, and pH strips. The transplants used in this experiment were romaine lettuce transplants (Lactuca sativa). Each of the five plastic containers were punctured underneath to allow for water drainage. Each container was received a transplant and was filled with soil. The five conditions tested were the control (water with pH 7), carbonated water (pH 5), carbonated water (pH 6), vinegar (pH 5), and vinegar…

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  • Stonefly Pushups Essay

    significant. Although, we originally expected the relationship between soil and air temperature to be one of the strongest, we later discovered that this thinking was because of an error. Both farenheit and celsius temperatures were included in the original data. When this error is corrected, there is no statistical relationship between soil temperature and air temperature. Figure 4. Correlation between Air Temperature and Soil Temperature (both in degrees Celsius) from 15 samples at 4…

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