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  • Physical Characteristics Of Tiger Vs. Lion

    Tiger Vs. Lion Time and time again,we wonder about random things. An example of this would be the question, who would win a fight between a male lion and a male tiger? Since they have completely different lifestyles, it would be interesting to catch them in the act. Some things that are different about them are their physical characteristics, and where they live. Although, they have a very low chance in meeting in today’s day and age, they did a long time ago. In this paper, I will discuss the…

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  • I Too Sing America Poem

    I, Too, Sing America & Incident In the poem “I, Too, Sing America” is about the speaker believing that one day he will he get freedom. He explains that even though they deny him now, he’s in the background getting bigger and stronger. The speaker expresses how just because he’s black and looks different than others, he can sing America just like the others can. The poem “Incident” is about an African American man who is looking back on his life when he was living in Baltimore. He then refers to…

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  • The Horse Nation: Horses In Native American Culture

    identity and our history. The Horse Nation continues to inspire, and Native artists continue to celebrate the horse in our songs, our stories, and our works of art.” – Emil Her Many Horses Emil Her Many Horses is one of the many curators at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. More specifically, he is the curator in the Museum Scholarship at the National Museum of the American Indian. He is from the Oglala Lakota nation of South Dakota and is specialized in the cultures of the central…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Invisible Disabilities

    conception of these people is that they can’t do anything good in their lives because they’re disabled. This statement is completely false; take, for example, African-American musician and singer Ray Charles. Ray Charles remembers in an interview with Smithsonian…

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  • James K. Polk Goals

    In the 1845 to 1849 James K. Polk was the eleventh president of the United State. As the chief executive, his principle objectives were to restore the United States Treasury Department, secure the domains of Oregon and get the regions of California and New Mexico. James achieved each of these goals. He drove the nation to war with Mexico and picked up a great deal of locale in the midst of his term in office. Despite what various may think, James K. Polk is outstanding across more than a few…

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  • Russian Bride's Attire Analysis

    The late 19th century gave rise to the “Positivist Age”, a period experienced in both Europe and America in which scientific progress and rational thought was beginning to be widely accepted and trusted. This transformation in political and religious ideals was paralleled in the arts through the rejection of Romanticism because it did not show accuracy of the real, observable world. Konstantin Makovsky’s painting The Russian Bride’s Attire, is a decorative piece that depicts the revival of…

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  • Misrepresentation Of Native Americans In The Professor's House

    unruly and savage. Doing so would defeat the purpose of religious missions. Any lesson from Duchene on Native Americans would act as a justification of his own interactions with Native Americans. His interactions, or the interactions of religious institutions, involved kidnapping, or coercing, young Native American children and forcing them to assimilate through physical and mental abuse. Duchene’s teachings stick with Outland and plays an important role in Outland’s interpretation of Cliff…

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  • Lorax Pros And Cons

    described by Garrett Hardin. The islanders of Easter Island, on the other hand, were completely oblivious. “The island’s population was too small, too primitive and too isolated.”(Trachtman, Paul. “The Secrets of Easter Island.”, Smithsonian Institution, 1 Mar. 2002, They did not realize how their actions had affected the environment until it was too late. Although they were able to create incredible pieces…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life In Art And Design

    Through this trajectory of learning to be … while making and doing… I have always been more attached to the effort of trying to meet the needs of the artist as a person. I have learned that the art can survive only as long as the artist does… and my life in art and design began by serving those vulnerable creative communities who were tenacious enough to withstand the colonial legacy of destruction followed by our own apathy and indifference towards homegrown talent. I took a decision NOT to…

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  • History And Colonialism In 1491, By Charles C. Mann

    before modern colonization began. The author himself, Charles C. Mann, is a highly accomplished writer that has written for many big time companies such as The New York Times, Smithsonian, and even The Washington Post. He has received multiple writing awards from a vast majority of fields that range from the American Institution of Physics to the Lannan Foundation. In fact, 1491,…

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