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  • Education Of Black Boys Essay

    The education system has always been a driver of social policies. Its primary purpose is to develop each individual passing through the system to their fullest potential, imparting the knowledge of social norms and values as well as preparing a work force that is able to contribute to the economy. In recent years we have seen the education system dealing with much more than education and social norms. For some time now the extent to which the education system is failing black boys has been a…

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  • Ice Age Discoveries Summary

    get here? This article is about the first Natives came to the Americas. Some of the most popular theories are the Beringia Theory, the Maritime Theory, the South Pacific Atlantic theory, and the Solutrean Theory. According to the Smithsonian Institution’s website,The Beringia Theory is the theory that people traveled across a land bridge between Siberia and what is now known as Alaska by foot about 11,500 years ago. The video Ice Age Discoveries: New Evidence states that these…

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  • Loose Change Movie Analysis

    disputable facts. This can cause a distortion of the truth and create a new perspective. Some of the facts will be from individual memory which will also contain bias. Therefore memory again affects the recount of history and causes distortion. The Smithsonian website promotes its views by using visual and language techniques. The visual techniques used include symbolism in the images such as the torn American flag which symbolises that the Americans were under attack and went through so much…

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  • How Is Ralph Lauren Successful

    been recognized by some for not being particularly innovative while also locked by scores of consumers who prefer more approachable looks. Ralph Lauren was generous as he is successful because he and his company helped the Smithsonian Institution. They gave the Smithsonian Institution over $13 million to preserve the original American flag. In 2001, he established the “Ralph Lauren Center” for cancer care and prevention in East Harlem, New York. After Lauren’s friend died of breast cancer, he…

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  • Curses: The Curse Of The Hope Diamond

    Curses have been terrifying humans for centuries. Death, injury, financial ruin, and other misfortunes have plagued “victims” of curses. However, there is one curse that has centuries of bloodshed and misfortune behind it: The curse of the Hope Diamond. Despite the fear of the superstitious and skeptics alike, the Hope Diamond is not cursed, and was not the cause of the unfortunate events that befell its owners. Most people agree that the Hope Diamond was plucked from an idol in a mine in India.…

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  • Origin Of Bureaucracy

    This is no coincidence and evidence of this has been prominent many times throughout history. An article from the Smithsonian magazine details the finding of an anthropologist about bureaucracy, “Spencer found similar evidence timing the rise of bureaucracies and the expansion of states when examining the archaeological record of the Moche state in Peru (c. 200 to 400…

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  • Liberty Of Thought And Expression In John Stuart Mill's On Liberty

    In chapter 2 of On Liberty John Stuart Mill argues in favor of liberty of thought and expression in the case of opinions and beliefs. He points out that opinions are structured as such that they are either true or false. If one adamantly believes that the opinion they hold is the truth they are assuming infallibility. Mill maintains that we should accept our mistakes. On the other hand he alludes to the notion that the admission of fallibility may lead to inaction. In the interest of Mills…

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  • Bad Indians By Deborah Miranda Summary

    they did—they finally consented to talk,” which illustrates the consistent dishonesty regarding the purpose of the encounter (101). The language that the informants were sharing would ultimately be preserved for the purposes of white institutions such as the Smithsonian. White researchers weren’t opposed to subjecting Indians to constant manipulation for their benefit in their anthropological…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Trip To Washington D. C.

    Have you been to Washington, D.C. about four times and Florida about two? My family and I have! We have gone to Washington, D.C. and Florida multiple times throughout my life. Some visits have been for fun, some for family-related occasions, or some for emergencies. In Washington D.C., I have some family who are graduating high school and would like our support. The graduation-focused visits just started last year; so instead of describing those trips first, I will explain the strange events of…

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  • Frybread: The Mockery Of Native Americans

    Mockery of the Indians and their sacred objects can be seen on various objects of sports’ organizations, costumes for Halloween, and even in museums, such as the Smithsonian, which showcases the deceased remnants of Native ancestors and their sacred funerary objects. Butler brings awareness to the history of the notorious name ‘redskin,’ which was because whites actually purchased the skins and scalps of Native men…

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