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  • Confucius's Influence On Chinese Society

    themselves utterly, I would insist that they are well educated indeed” . Zixia and Confucius believed that beautiful appearance was opposed to ritual or good behavior, and for them, the beauty of women represented bad virtue and could be very harmful. Sima Qian wrote a story about how Confucius disdained the beautiful women in chapter “The House of Confucius” in the Shiji. When Confucius went to the State of Wei, Duke Ling of Wei sent a messenger, telling Confucius that Ling’s wife Nanzi was…

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  • Representation Of Confucianism

    Pictorial Representation of Confucius and Others Portraits of Confucius and his followers were created during and after their times in heavy proliferation. While not many of these images remain due to their fragile nature, the few that are still relatively intact exhibit an amazing insight into the lives of their subjects. There is little mention of visual art or painting in the analects, but with Confucius’ thoughts on music being so positive, one can safely assume that he would have at least…

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  • Qin Shi Huangdi Achievements

    The reign of China’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huangdi, in the third century BCE is known for its unprecedented unity of Chinese lands and for the establishment of the Chinese imperial system. While the 221 BCE unification of the Warring States into a single Chinese state may seem like the natural progression of events in hindsight, it and the subsequent unity in the Qin dynasty was not an inevitable outcome and required active effort to accomplish. Qin Shi Huangdi had to take many measures beyond…

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  • Legalism Vs Confucianism Analysis

    In Ancient China, during the tumultuous Warring States period, government leaders surrounded themselves with advisors, similar to medieval courts and modern cabinets. These advisors espoused their beliefs on how governments should operate, but more importantly, how leaders should act. Two seemingly diametrically opposed schools of thought rose to prominence: Confucianism popularized by Kongzi and Mengzi, and Legalism promoted by Han Feizi and Li Si. Although each camp acknowledged a hierarchical…

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  • Augustus: The Augustus Of Prima Porta

    The emergence of empires has led to the emergence of many wonderful things, which to this day continue to amaze us and has helped us unravel the past. All the wonderful things that occurred during the duration of these empires are displayed in artifacts in all sizes and shapes. The Roman empire demonstrates their leaders as powerful warriors, who created a vast empire by defeating their enemies in battle and then conquering the surrounding area. The Egyptian empire illustrates an empire with…

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