Parthian Empire

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  • Essay On Zoroastrianism

    society consists of unequal relationships, so if the superiors in society behave with sincerity, courtesy, and are respectful, the inferiors will be submissively motivated to do also. Confucianism not only gave more social mobility within classes but also gave more rights for women. However, these new Confucian rights were not given for women to gain independence such as the right for higher education but for them to serve the men better, maintaining a patriarchal society. Instead of using the previous harsher and cruel laws and regulation against the civilians. The Han rulers modified some of the harsher aspects of the Zhao dynasty; Confucian ideals of government, out of favor during the Qin period, were adopted as the creed of the Han Empire, and Confucian scholars gained prominent status as the core of the civil…

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  • The Ideology Of The Han Empire

    Around three hundred BCE to thirty CE the powerful and globalizing Han and Roman Empire began to flourish. In East Asia, the Han Empire was built on the building blocks of Qin, which established a bureaucratic imperial model and social order. Similarly, to the Han Empire, at the other end of Afro-Eurasia, the Roman Empire became an influential superpower exerting far-reaching authority. Both empires encountered enemies in violent war and resulted victorious. Each respective Empire encompassed…

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  • Han Dynasty Dbq

    During the Classical Era, different attitudes were generated towards technological innovations within the societies of the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire. Although the Hans and the Romans believe that technology is a great benefit to society, the Hans view the use of technology as beneficial to the common people while the Romans saw technology as an aspect of society that is intertwined with peasantry and vulgarness, but it is useful for comparing greatness among other empires in the world. An…

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  • Han Empire Vs Roman Empire Essay

    at all the great empires that ruled throughout history, seldom does someone go too long without making reference to either the Han Empire or the Roman Empire. Both of these empires shared a lot in common and both set a precedent for great leadership and imperial dominance throughout history. However, while these empires had a great deal of similarities, they were also separated by several outstanding differences. Although, with great distance in between the two Empire’s and the lack of…

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  • The Han Dynasty

    dynasty of China period. The Han Dynasty was the ruling family of China from 206 BCE to 220 BCE. A leader named Liu Bang founded the new dynasty. Sinification is the spread within East Asia. It was a style of social and cultural life in China. The southward expansion of the Han dynasty is a series of military of South China and Northern Vietnam. Military growth to the south began with Qin dynasty and continued during the Han dynasty. The Xiongnu state inhabited their wealth in livestock by…

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  • Why Did Augustus Use Of Political Propaganda

    Under Augustus’ reign, the borders of the empire were stretched to the Rhine and the Danube on the north, to the Atlantic Ocean on the west, to the desert of Africa on the south, and nearly to the Euphrates on the east. The only two frontier nations that threatened to disrupt the efficiency of Rome were the Parthians and the Germans. The Parthians still held the standards lost by Crassus, a great source of shame to the Roman people. However, using diplomatic channels, he was able to reclaim the…

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  • Augustus Achievements

    Augustus under his wing and trained him to be a successor (Fagan, par. 4-5). Augustus was one known for his achievements as a Roman leader. He ruled from 31 B.C. to 14 A.D. He was considered to be one of the best rulers because during his tenure he: expanded the territory of the Roman Empire, created a period of prosperity in Rome, and successfully administered Rome, the rest of Italy, and the provinces. Augustus was well known for the expansion of the Roman Empire under his rule. Before…

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  • Minoan Society Rises

    2200 BCE China’s Xia Dynasty rises Minoan society rise 2000 BCE Indo Europeans began to build settlements in the Italian peninsula A sophisticated society of Minoans arose from the island of Crete 1800 BCE Bronze metallurgy brought by the Etruscans in Rome 1766 BCE Xia Dynasty decline China’s Shang Dynasty rises 1628 BCE Volcanic eruption on the island of Thera destroyed almost everything 1600 BCE Mycenaean society rises Mycenaeans began trade with Minoans and learned about…

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  • Elam: The Persian Empire

    The Persian Empire, orginally know as Elam, throughout the years had a significant impact on the developement of of Mesopotamia. Although not actually located in the Mesopotamian Valley, but instead located on the other side of the mountains that borders Mesopotamia's northern boundries in what is now called Iran. Beginning as nomads in southwestern Iran and eventually evolving into a nation known as Elam, around 2500BC, whose history of development paralleled that of Sumer and Assyria. Over…

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  • Essay On Roman Citizenship

    the most important being Caracalla’s edict that gave Roman citizenship to every free person of the Empire. What exactly does Roman citizenship entail though? ‘Roman’ is defined as, “of or relating to Rome or the people of Rome; of or relating to the ancient Roman Empire”1. Scholars could argue that those who acquired Roman citizenship either assimilated Roman culture with their own, or denied their own culture to submerge themselves fully into Roman society. The definition of ‘Roman’ serves to…

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