Participatory economics

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  • Public Engagement Mechanisms Analysis

    The participatory budgeting process was called Orcamento Participativo (OP). Being involved in the process empowered the participants to challenge the city services in their area. An example of how the participants challenged one OP initiative: Technical stall proposed traditional small family housing for a shantytown but the residents wanted more densely packed two story houses. A compromise was reached, allowing for high density housing while also respecting technical norms. It was estimated that 50,000 people participated in the OP in 2002. Sure Start Initiative in Gateshead Sure Start is a U.K. government support program targeting children, families, and communities through integration of relevant policies, including early education, child care, health…

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  • Participatory Politics

    The role the federal government played in fostering participatory politics at the local level initiated when federal funds were given to city governments in Chicago as to “encourage citizen participation by establishing advisory councils, by holding public hearings on city programs, budgets, and legislation, and by asking for neighborhood input in physical planning” (Gentile & Simpson, 353). It is explained that the empowerment of people in participatory politics occurred through the…

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  • Six Week Reflection

    Most traditional of the relies on a neoliberal definition of micro enterprise when it comes to design or implement a policy. Nevertheless, legislators, researchers and practitioners involved in the policy making process should evaluate a diverse array of variables and voices before implementation. As planner, we have use role maker in order to be in both sides of policy making. That is influencing directly the policy making trough a collaborative planning that translate what micro-entrepreneur…

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  • Is The Democratic Process Essay

    Is the Democratic Process Working as It Should? Our country has been running under the constitution since its conception in 1789 and little change has been made to it regarding the democratic process. Some may argue that the US has become more democratic, others may claim the opposite. In theory, a perfect democracy consists of completely involved citizens in the government in order to make decisions for themselves, which is, of course, unrealistic for the U.S. due to its enormous population. In…

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  • The Port Huron Statement Analysis

    hindered because they are unable to think for themselves because these policies are so complex, so they remain complacent. To enact change the SDS came up with the PHS to propose a new system called participatory democracy. Participatory democracy means that literally everyone participates in a political democracy, not just apathetic politicians. With everyone having the ability to participate, this cuts out the complex policies because everyone has to end up on the same page. Participatory…

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  • Jefferson Smith Goes To Washington Analysis

    Mr. Smith goes to Washington 1. How does Jefferson Smith become a senator? Also, compare his characteristics with the other candidates. Given the difficulty of finding a suitable Senator, just mentioning the name of Jefferson Smith, a young idealist full of innocence and American ideals of democracy, a subject that seems easy to handle and deceive. If Smith already is quite naive, the young man also relies heavily on his colleague, Senator Paine, since he and his father were close friends from…

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  • Aristotle's Strengths And Limitations Of Democracy

    surface to be reasonable arguments proposed by others. Therefore, contrary to a thoroughly debated final position as Aristotle would have imagined, groupthink may result in the citizen body settling on one point of view without having considered thoroughly all the options, thus detracting from Aristotle’s assertion that the citizenry will be able to make a carefully crafted decision with its collective intelligence in democracies. Furthermore, any highly visible form of deliberation that involve…

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  • Democracy Social Media Analysis

    al., 2014), Squires (1998, in Loader & Mercea, 2011, p. 761) argues that, social media encourage ‘personal to become political’. Furthermore, Loader & Mercea (2011, p.759) states that social media empower citizens to be more active in analysing government policies and political situation as well as voice their opinion, instead of being ‘passive consumers’ of political actors and news in the mass media (Loader & Mercea, 2011, p. 759). This eventually lead to ‘participatory political culture’…

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  • Subjectivist Theory

    individuals as part of organisations and the role of individuals in informing and shaping change (Quinney & Richardson, 2014). At its inception, AI was a research discipline focused largely on organisational development, but now it is being used also in health research (Richer, Ritchie & Marchionni, 2009; Carter, 2006). AI is a type of action research that studies the positive aspects of a group when it is working at its very best, in order to imagine and create positive change for the future…

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  • Insider Research Approach

    Another critical point mentioned by Evered and Louis (1981) is the roles clearly taken up by the research in the inside (organization actor, participants observer) and outside (Data analysts, rationalistic model builder) modes. This supports the point earlier made that insider research looks to engage organization problems while outside research tends to be academic in nature and looks to enhance theory and verify its applicability. In the literature, there is also the mention of participatory…

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