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  • Plague In Zambia Case Study

    endemic foci in Zambia. These are:- Eastern zone, which includes Luangwa valley, where outbreaks occurred in Tembwe village in Chama district, Mukomba village in Lundazi district and Chief Nyanje in Sinda district; the Southern zone, which includes Kabulamwanda and surrounding villages in Namwala district and Western zone which includes Chitokoloki in Balovale (Zambezi district) in Zambezi plain (Fig 1, Table 2). 3.1. Eastern zone 3.1.1. Luangwa and Lundazi outbreaks According to available…

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  • Stand And Deliver Movie Analysis

    Urban schools are most always portrayed in a negative light. Such is the case in the movie called Stand and Deliver which takes place in a high school in East Los Angeles during the 1980’s. This movie is based off a true story about a teacher by the name of Jaime Escalante, played by Edward Olmos, who worked diligently with a group of roughneck students because he thought that every student has the potential to learn. He believed that if the students and teacher had enough “Ganas” or motivation…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Day Off Of School

    Snowflakes fall gently from the sky, tickling the end of [Y/N]’s nose, tempting to stick out her tongue and have a taste. But that’s ruined by the icy air whistles around [Y/N]’s air, causing her skin to tingle and sting. Fingers and toes are numb. [Y/N] tries to warm her hands as she gets to school. “Man, why can’t they cancel school today?” [Y/N] manage to say. “It’s so freaking cold!” She adjusted her hat and scarf as she snuggles inside the many layers of clothes. Nobody attempts to try…

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  • Mixed Scanning Decision-Making Framework

    The mixed scanning decision making framework was chosen for guiding the development of this policy. The mixed scanning framework provided the opportunity to isolate the necessary information thru filters that would allow for different views; narrow in scope for fundamental alternatives, but broad for incremental decisions. Because the information-gathering for this issue would uncover abundant information when searching for a particular scenario - but also reveal the need for more unique…

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  • Personal Narrative: An Interview With Athletic Staff

    This interview was conducted to discover and examine the myriad administrative duties and responsibilities of organizational leaders. I interviewed Mr. Dan Phipps, who is the Athletic Director for Muscatine Community School District. He is also the Dean of Students. This double role makes for an extremely busy day. As it turned out, he has served in the military. He was a sergeant in the Marine Corp, serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. I started the interview by asking about the hiring and…

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  • Attorney General Kamala Harris

    back to the community. Harris recalls growing that she remembers her parents taking her to protests at a young age in Berkeley, Ca and ever since there she has always taken an interest in civil rights and the rights of others. When she was working a District Attorney, Harris created a special division that focused on the hate crimes against teens but more specifically against LBGTQ teens. Harris as spoken positivity again same sex marriage and they have her fun support. With this special…

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  • Case Study: The Lower Merion School District

    The Lower Merion School District provided laptop computers to high school students as part of a one to one program. The program allowed the students to bring home a laptop computer provided by the school district. Unbeknownst to the students or their parents the laptop computers were all programed with spyware that gave the school district access to the computers’ webcam. The goal of the one to one program was to increase the connectivity between home and school for students. The access to…

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  • Summary Of Educating Everybody's Children

    educators of diverse students. To begin, the author addresses the issue of gap closing and explains its importance. Through comparisons between urban and suburban districts, the author expands upon the topic of “facing the achievement gap.” After laying out the facts of the achievement gap, the author proposes a few strategies that school districts and communities could use to close this gap. Ultimately, the author feels, diversity must be embraced, for “the implementation of sound,…

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  • Mohamed Bah Theory

    the First Church of Christ-Congressional. After being unsuccessful securing a travel visa for Mohamed, the church used its power and influence to get in touch with a Republican woman and the ambassador to the Republic of Sierra Leone to bypass the “red tape” they had been facing (p. 132). Once in the U.S., the church decided that Mohamed would stay with the Donaldson’s, a dominant culture white American family (p. 133). Mohamed adjustment to living in the U.S. was a shocking…

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  • Action For The Droid: Film Analysis

    reprogrammed. The result is a robot who can think and feel for himself. You have now worked with Director Neill Blomkamp twice. What is it like working with him? Does he have any specific directing/work style that you are drawn to? Yes that is correct, District 9 and now Chappie. Neill is an awesome director to work with, he gives you guidance as to what he wants and then allows us to work it, add or change things that we feel might be better. The action in this film is a collaboration between…

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