Red-light district

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  • John Biggers Baptism

    a colorful painting depicting quite surrealistically several aspects of African and African American life. It was created in 1989 and it’s medium is oil and acrylic on canvas. Firstly, while the painting is colorful it is dominated with the color red. Red is an alarming color and is usually one that is used to portray conflict. However, Biggers’ painting gives an opposite calming feeling when first glancing at the painting. There’s no immediate danger to any…

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  • The Canadian Flag: Red-White-Red

    Red-white-red is a color combination of the Canadian flag. A maple leaf is a Canadian symbol since as early as 1700. When the Canada Day rolls around, the best way to celebrate the summer holiday and surprise your kids and guests by making healthy and delicious treats, baking cakes or cookies, and using the red-white color combination and maple leaf shapes for food decoration. White is for peace and red is for bravery, so celebrate the Canada Day with fabulous, brave and soothing desserts in red…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Standardized Test Scores

    Helen Keller once said, “the character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” Standardized test scores shouldn’t determine whether or not a school should exist. The problems may not rest in the school, but rather in the students. Teachers might not have the resources to teach students, personal problems might stop students from succeeding, or the school, in general, the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At The Museum Of Fine Art

    I lived in Boston for over half my life. I spent many years here in this great state – never truly knowing or appreciating the rich beautiful history this city has to offer. After spending an enlightening experience at the Museum of Fine Arts and also an unexpected visit to the Old State House in our city, I was able to see such amazing things that were in both of these historical buildings. I always knew Boston was one of America 's oldest cities dating back to the Revolutionary period. I was…

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  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Gentrification

    Gentrification, as an idea, seems good and philanthropic. The goal is beneficial for the community in most economical, political, and social aspects. Everybody wants to live in a safe, economically stable, and thriving neighborhood and to be able to provide that same lifestyle to others. However, the process of gentrification, and actually putting those ideas into practice, have been met with unfavorable protests, backlash, and seen some negative results. I vote No on Proposition 555 for a few…

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  • The Symbols Of Good And Evil In The Scarlet Letter

    historical fiction novel The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, he uses the development of the different colors red, black, and white to portray his ideas of good and evil in the puritan town. He uses the colors to symbolize specific elements of the book including the Scarlet Letter "A", Roger Chillingworth, and…

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  • Meaning Of Advertisement

    As our eyes first goes to center of the advertisement, we see a bright red color logo attracting our eyes towards it. Coca-Cola has smarty used their logo as a main focus, as the logo is in red color and according to human phycology red color excites eye the most. The placement of the logo in the center, makes it the viewer’s center of focus. Not only that, the Coca-Cola has also used Molly Bang’s principles…

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  • The Use Of Color Symbolism In The Great Gatsby

    Red is what everybody wants; love, happiness, and most of all, money. Huber, in his article, basically says that red is a symbol for life, joy, and love. (Huber) but it goes a little farther than that. Schneider say’s, more appropriately, “It stands for the dream because it is one of the glittering colors of…

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  • An Analysis Of Salvador Dali's Living Still Life

    Dali in 1956, is an oil on canvas painting created to express the dynamic combination and complexity of stillness and motion that goes almost unnoticed every day. Viewers are drawn in to observe the masterpiece initially by the bright red, mellow blue, and vibrant red colors used in the scenic view painted before them. In essence, the painting is of a medium length rectangular, wooden table partially extending from a room inside of an apartment or condo, out onto a balcony with cast iron…

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  • Analysis Of The Stanley Parable

    Throughout modern history, there have been a plethora of mediums to keep the public engaged and entertained in the world around them. Specifically, video games have provided a strong source of contentment to the public. These games come in various genres, from action, horror, and fantasy. One game that is truly unlike any other is none other than The Stanley Parable. This first-person exploration game challenges our psychologically embedded morals, forcing us to go against the wishes of the…

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