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  • Kingsman The Hero's Journey Analysis

    Kingsman the secret service is a very poupular movie that stands out amongst modern serious spy movies. Such as Jason bourn or Daniel Craig James bond, by parodying classic James bond. The film is over the top with its gadgets, villain’s, and action, as well as forcing more on comedy. This essay will start with a brief summery of the film and than examine three examples of the hero’s journey. Firstly, the elderly mentor, after that the allies and enemies, and lastly the heroes return. Kingsman…

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  • Film Techniques In Alfred Hitchcock's Film Psycho

    Throughout the film industry, Alfred Hitchcock’s film Psycho has revolutionized the horror genre with his ways of merging the obvious with the mysterious. Alfred Hitchcock, ‘Master of Suspense,’ is known for his filming techniques which made his film stand out compared to other horror films during his period. Hitchcock used these techniques throughout the film Psycho to add suspense and give the viewers details on the characters and their surroundings. One of the most important scenes, where…

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  • Symbolism In The Film 'Black Swan'

    Black Swan It’s fascinating how people go to great lengths to get what they want or to pursue their goals. These actions that go beyond the extent of the audience’s imagination are what make movies consuming. Overall, the movie “Black Swan” shows such strange and creepy images that made me wonder what is a hallucination and what is real throughout the whole movie, and that thought kept me absorbed. The fragile and pure main character, Nina, who perfectly symbolizes the white swan, is constantly…

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  • Soundtrack Analysis Of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho

    Callum Watt 000873235-3 Soundtrack Analysis - Psycho In the clip that we are provided (known as “The Murder) we are given a very famous and influential scene from one of Alfred Hitchcock's most critically acclaimed films. Bernard Herrmann, the composer for the movie did a sensational soundtrack with a low budget, and even went against Hitchcock’s wishes of the score to be jazz based. With the low budget instead of using an entire orchestra Herrmann only used strings to create an arguably more…

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  • Meaning Of Sound In Film

    Sound sets the tone, the mood, the mise-en-scene of the shot. Sound tells us much about the movie and also clarifies the situation. If we are to feel the suspense and fear of a scene, the background sounds get louder such as foot-steps and ticking clocks. A close-up of a sweating face in the dark tells us the person is scared of what might happen or that they just woke-up from a nightmare, depending on the sounds or lack thereof. Sound has great meaning in film when used creatively as a means of…

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  • The Vertigo Effect In The Film Vertigo

    The cinematography is one of the things that stands out most in the movie Vertigo. Not only is the vertigo effect (dolly zoom) fun and intriguing, but even from the beginning of the film, the shots really stand out and are very different from anything we’ve seen in Hitchcock’s earlier films. I liked watching the way the film transitioned from sepia to red and the various zooms to different parts of Madeleine’s face, then to the rotating symbols. All of this seemed very symbolic to me. The sepia…

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  • The Cabin In The Woods Analysis

    In Drew Goddard’s Cabin in the woods, five college students arrive at a cabin to vacation for the weekend, unaware of the horrific events that lie ahead. Each character portrayed a standard character type in the beginning of the film, but as the film continues the audience learns more about each character and their true identity. Curt “The Athlete”, Jules “The Whore”, Marty “The Fool”, Dana “The Virgin” and Holden “The Scholar” all play the leading roles. The film is set-up as the stereotypical…

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  • The Great Gatsby Movie Vs Book Analysis

    The Great Gatsby comparison and contrast between the book and the 1974 movie. The difference between the ways the book expresses and shows the characters then in the movie, but the movie helps you understand the plot and storyline better. The 1974 movie uses vision to show the characters filled with emotion while the book uses dialogue. The Great Gatsby plot and setting in the movie and book are mostly the same. Most of the movie used things from the book, but some things were changed. The 1974…

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  • Cinematic Techniques In The Truman Show

    The film “Truman Show” reveals theme and tone by lighting, cinematography, and editing, and by the use of sound. By using lightning, cinematography and editing, the theme of this film - facing with fear can lead to the discovery of realization - and the bewildering tone is achieved. With the use of sound, the meaning of this theme is further achieved, and the audience questions the “realism” of the story. As the story develops in this film, it becomes obvious to the audience that Truman is on a…

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  • Bowling For Columbine Film Techniques Essay

    Documentaries have long been utilised by filmmakers whom of which are passionate about a particular topic as a means to document and educate an audience. The level of creativity and film techniques can vary between productions depending on the subject and this often will determine how effective they may be in generating an emotional response from viewers. Michael Moore is a renowned filmmaker, bestselling author, and liberal activist, who has been labelled as controversial for his tendency to…

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