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  • What Is Tim Burton's Cinematic Style

    Spooky, heartwarming, confusing, childish, amazing, all of these are adjectives describing directors Tim Burton’s cinematic style. Tim burton is a very creative and artistic director he has directed movies such as, Edward scissors hand, the nightmare before Christmas, Charlie and the chocolate factory, and Batman and these movie the director Tim Burton’s uses very unique stylistic techniques especially in his shots and framing, camera angles/movement, and sound. Tim burton does this so that he…

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  • There Will Be Blood Analysis

    The film There Will Be Blood was an outstanding film. This film was released in 2007 and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. The main actors were Daniel Day-Lewis, Dillon Freasier, and Paul Dano. This film’s screenwriter was also Paul Thomas Anderson. Paul Thomas Anderson did an amazing job making this film because, it came out incredible. One of the best films in my opinion and has a brilliant lesson to be learned from the film. There Will Be Blood is a must see movie. This film is packed…

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  • Color Wheel Symbolism

    Most of color harmonies consist of combination of two or more colours within a specific relationship on the color wheel where one of them is dominant. For example in horror films if we use orange and teal, blue will be the dominant because we want to show more of the cold side and because we want it to look scary. Sometimes a red colour is shown to represent blood, while a blue represents an effect that makes the audience calm. To achieve orange and teal orange is pushed to highlights and…

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  • How Did Alfred Hitchcock Build Suspense

    Alfred Hitchcock once said “there is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it”(Crow, Jonathan).One of the greatest filmmakers of all times, was nicknamed “The Master of Suspense” for he was creating a psychological suspense in his films, which resulted in a unique watching experience (Alfred Hitchcock." He was also an acknowledge master of the thriller, a genre he virtually invented (Ramirez Berg, Charles) and a brilliant technician. Born in London on August 13, 1899…

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  • Foreshadowing In Psycho

    to watch something interesting, not something that will bore them. Furthermore, the movie Psycho, was a black and white slasher produced in 1960 by Alfred Hitchcock. Psycho shows many scenes that will leave the audience confused, a motel owner Norman Bates cares for Marion a girl who arrives during a storm. This film is one to pay attention to, because certain scenes will lead to others. The 1960 film Psycho produced by Hitchcock will leave viewers with a different perspective on how images are…

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  • Thomas Elsaesser's Film Theory Analysis

    Among our most intrinsic human characteristics, we strive to express ourselves both creatively and socially. Combining these two traits creates an artistic interaction between an audience and a medium. Cinema, arguably the most visually astounding form of art, not only stimulates visually, but subjects viewers to haptic and acoustic experiences as well. The film scholar, Thomas Elsaesser, makes various points in his book “Film Theory” describing several ways in which we can experience the film…

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  • Psycho IV: The Beginning

    I am sure there are some people out there that will be like "What?! Psycho had sequels?" Yes, Psycho did have sequels, 3 in fact, along with two TV series, one that is about to start its X season. The fourth in the series, the one that is on review today, is titled Psycho IV: The Beginning. Written by returning screenwriter of the first Psycho is XXX. Anthony Perkins also returns as Norman Bates, along with Henry Thomas playing the younger Norman in flashbacks. The movie attempts to tell the…

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  • Analysis Of Alfred Hitchcock, North By Northwest, And Psycho

    United States in 1939. He was famously known as the “Master of Suspense”. Hitchcock’s golden years of his cinema career were from the 1950’s to the 1960’s. During this time, he made various famous films, such as Vertigo, North by the Northwest, and Psycho. When we compare these films it’s hard to find something they might have in common. Each film has different lighting effects, colors, and types of shots. Hitchcock utilizes mise en scène and cinematography to set a different tone and mood in…

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  • Blazing Saddles Mel Brooks: The Auteur Theory

    The Auteur Theory, is the idea that the true author of a film is the director. The director leaves an implicit remark on the film and because of this cinematic, literary, or thematic signature, they are credited as the author of the film. While there are numerous people involved in the production of a film, with some directors it is truly prominent who can be described as the author of the film. Mel Brooks, renown comical director and screenwriter is one instance of the undeniability of the…

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  • Mysticism In The Green Mile

    Horror, mystery, and masterful storytelling all put into one author. Stephen King is a classic American author, who wrote the famous book and movie, The Green Mile. From wanting to start off as a school teacher to ending up being one of the America’s best selling authors, Stephen King wrote one of the most interesting horror books of all time. In The Green Mile, Stephen King, like most of his books, added mystery and suspense. Mysticism is when people use explainable things that are deemed to be…

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