Camera Techniques In Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho

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Throughout his film career, Hitchcock also showed his dislike and fear of authorities, namely that of policemen. He employed various camera techniques that “mimics a person 's gaze, forcing viewers to engage in a form of voyeurism. In addition, he framed shots to maximize anxiety, fear, or empathy, and used innovative forms of film editing“ (Wikipedia). Hitchcock skillfully uses all of this in Psycho, and it is “ranked among the greatest films of all time, it set a new level of acceptability for violence, deviant behavior and sexuality in American films, and is widely considered to be the earliest example of the slasher film genre“ (Wikipedia).

American screenwriter Joseph Stefano (1922 - 2006) wrote the screenplay for Psycho. Stefano is
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For blood, he used Bosco Chocolate syrup, and to avoid obscenity rules, Hitchcock had actress Janet Leigh wear a moleskin suite to cover her private parts during the shower scene. “Psycho has more in common with noir quickies like Detour (1945) than with elegant Hitchcock thrillers like Rear Window (1954) and Vertigo (1958)” (Ebert 374). Hitchcock kept the entire film low tech, more atmospheric, and creepy. The film is also quite memorable with its own outstanding eerie music, “the slashing chords of Bernard Herrmann’s sound track substitute for more grisly sound effects” (Ebert …show more content…
I have seen the film many times and it never seems to amaze me that even though this is a fictional story of madness, the helpless victim is totally unaware of the danger Norman Bates represents. Marion Crane is already full of trepidation of the police from her crime of stealing, but Bates is subtle, soft-spoken, normal looking, and hides his psychosis well, until it’s too late, and then he kills anyone that threatens him or his mother.

Alfred Hitchcock has become famous the world over as the Master of Suspense and with the film Psycho, he has solidified that reputation, and helped changed forever how we view thrillers. Hitchcock was a true artist, an innovator among filmmakers, who created a method of crafting a film and story to his own unique interpretation. Many of his lighting and camera tricks are now duplicated using GCI today, clearly, Hitchcock was ahead of his time, and very

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