Psychological Analysis Of Alfred Hitchcock's Psychology: Ed Gein

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Clarence Darrow once stated that “there is no such crime as a crime of thought; there are only crimes of action.” As it is, crime is inevitable for a living person in the long run. Suppose, one drove into the red light at the traffic intersection or a student lit cigarette inside the school zone, both are accountable for crimes with the consequences. Crime is a crime for the action a person has committed, and the only difference is consequences depending on how big the crimes are. During the research, my purpose of the paper is to discuss on how Alfred Hitchcock presented his movie overlooking the known historical person for his crimes, Ed Gein. In the process to understand how Alfred Hitchcock recreates the Ed Gein crimes into a movie “Psycho," …show more content…
In the 1960s, the film showcased many horror movies which offered an ideology of a ghost. Usually, those horror type of film have shown its effect on the ghost as a dead person who endures on controlling or possessing over human soul and physical body. On the other hand, Personality split is an illness which has its name regarding medical language, known as Dissociated Identity of Disorder. After the last scene from movie “Psycho,” where Bate found as guilty, psychotherapist explains the reason why Norman Bate suffered from the illness of identical split, and how his illness of being a mother and wearing women's clothes is different from homosexual gender. The illness Dissociative identity disorder can define as a character that subconscious mind created by the presence of two or more distinct personality states, which followed by one physical body. After reviewing the mental illness that Norman Bate suffered from, it is much simpler to understand that his mindset begins to break down into a personality split where his body taken control by his mother. The creativity that Alfred Hitchcock placed to set up a right timing to initially impact personality split between Norman Bate and the mother is undoubtedly an art of work. Since many directors brought movies over sighting Ed Gein, which includes Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Lambs, and Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Alfred Hitchcock had different perspective to present a hardly ever eyewitness plot into a movie “Psycho.” Ever since then it has made a huge impact on the film industry with the plot of the identical split between two or more people in one body. Likewise, the presence of our time has shown a movie “Split,” directed by M. Night Shyamalan has given the character with an illness of Dissociative Identity Disorder. As a result, Alfred Hitchcock directed movie “Psycho” plot has open the

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