Comparison Of Psycho And What Lies Beneath By Robert Zemeckis

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The movies “Psycho” by Alfred Hitchcock and “What Lies Beneath” by Robert Zemeckis are similar in the sense they are both amazingly put together in a horror movie that the viewers loved. It takes a lot of effort to make a good movie that the audience will like, but it would take more from a horror movie so the audience would stay and watch up till the end. For the people who do enjoy the horror movies, there are many reasons why they watch scary movies. The elements that make the horror effective are that it creates tension; this had been accomplished through the mystery and shock through the sound and music. It is relevant to the audience because of the point of view, the camera position and the fact that it made the audience a part of the …show more content…
This can be done through the positioning of the camera to make the audience a part of the movie. In “Psycho”, the movie was filmed in black and white, which indicates the time period in which the movie was filmed. With this in mind, the audience would be mentally prepared and would put themselves in the shoes of someone from that time. The point of view for the audience is as if they are in the movie but watching from the side. When the characters Marion and Norman are talking, it is a low angle and makes the audience look up to them. This perceives the characters and that scene in particular as large and meaningful. The times that the camera was leveled at a straight angle, it seemed as though the audience was standing right in the movie watching from a side. The close up shots are to show facial expressions for instance when Marion is driving she keeps looking into the rear view mirror which shows that she is paranoid. The medium shots show interactions between people like when the characters are talking the audience is watching them both from a side. The long shots were done to show a scene with something of focus in the middle. An example of this was when the police officer was standing outside his car and watching her. The long shot was to show that the traffic if moving but the officer is stopped and watching her, so this is emphasizing the officer. For most of the movie, the audience is watching from the side view or as a third person except when the mother is revealed, the big shock happens in first person. This is not to show the reaction of the character but to show to reaction of the audience. In “What Lies Beneath”, it is a more modern-day film. This is because it is filmed in colour and it is filmed in a modern style because there are more things popping up and it is something that the audience can imagine it happening. The camera makes the audience a person in the film. There

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