Preterm birth

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  • Midwife Responsibilities

    Soltani, Gates, Shennan and Devane’s (2015) review of midwifery care revealed several benefits for women and babies involved in midwifery led care including a reduction in use of epidurals, fewer episiotomies or instrumental births, less likely to experience preterm birth or lose their baby before 24 weeks gestation. To ensure the safe practice of midwifery leading to satisfactory outcomes for the woman, the NMBA (2008) require midwives work within their scope of practice in accordance with…

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  • Ethical Attitudes Towards Pregnant Women

    ethical issues and attitudes raised regarding this and how this could affect pregnant women and my future practice when coming into contact with this. It is suggested women experience discrimination both during pregnancy and after they have given birth. Rosenthal, L. et al (2015) suggests pregnant women who experience discrimination could face consequential damages to their infant’s health and adverse maternal outcomes. It is further implied that women are more likely…

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  • Gardnerella Vaginalis Research Paper

    Introduction Gardnerella Vaginalis also known as Bacterial Vaginosis is a bacterial infection normally found in the female’s genital tract [5]. This can cause a female to go through abnormal vaginal odor and discharge. Generally an unpleasant fishy smell with a yellow or white discharge [2]. Garnerella Vaginalis otherwise Bacterial Vaginosis can be contracted through vaginal douching, multiple or new sex partners and intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD). Bacterial Vaginosis is not only…

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  • Argumentative Essay: My Abortion My Life

    their experiences with their abortion. My Abortion My Life is an informative website that is project of the organization Preterm. One of the women, whom will remain anonymous, shared a tremendously touching story on this website. “When [she] had [her] son 14 years ago [she] had a cardiac episode. It left [her] heart weak. When [her] son was just under 2 years old [her] birth control failed. [She] was pregnant. Being pregnant started sending [her] blood pressure really…

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  • Case Study: Nurse Family Partnership

    Policy Title: Nurse Family Partnership The Policy’s Goals: The Nurse Family Partnership established for low income first time mothers who will receive empowerment and support through an assigned nurse. A nurse will be assigned to a young woman who are in the categories of low income and unmarried. These nurses will provide guidance and support to these soon to be young mothers during pregnancy up to the two years of a child’s life. Nurse will provide education to young mothers around positive…

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  • An Essay About My Sisters

    Growing up in a house with three sisters was a very interesting childhood for me. My parents raised all four of us and it could not have been an easy task. We were all very close in age and became the best of friends. Through the good times and bad we always stuck together. Even in school we saw each other, had the same classes, teachers, and friends. However our lives are so much different from each other 's. Yes, we all were homeschooled and yes, we all have the same family, house, and schools…

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  • Paraphilia Essay

    Paraphilia is a pattern of sexual attraction/behavior that deviates from the social and cultural norms. To have a paraphilic disorder, their unusual sexual interest needs to cause them distress or victimizes others for longer than six months. How does one develop a paraphilia? There are some certain neurotransmitters and hormones that are linked to paraphilic interests. It could also develop from people having poor interpersonal skills. Some people may have learned their paraphilia from…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Sex In Japan

    in children under 15 years old. I think Japan should not published sexual production in public. This has effect on young girls. They are involved in this industry more easily because they see this everyplace. I think they should not improve the birth rate by allow all the sexual type. It can destroy the young girl generation. They should have some place to provide help to these girls. Some place they can find when they need help. Those places does not exist that why they involved in sex…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Comprehensive Sex Education

    In this day, abstinence only sex-ed programs are the only thing available to most kids. I am here to advocate for comprehensive sexuality education programs rather than abstinence (no sex until marriage) only programs. To correctly argue my point, one has to have a basic understanding of what is happening in schools today. Currently, at least in Texas, there is no well-taught comprehensive sexuality education, and sometimes there is no sex-ed at all. This is a problem because if students don’t…

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  • Importance Of Being A Senior At Endicott College

    It is a bit surreal to think that I will be a senior at Endicott College in the fall. It feels as if just yesterday that I was 17-years-old, applying to colleges and hoping that once I secured a face-to-face interview, that I would be able to explain why my grades suffered my freshman year of high school. I was hoping that once in an interview that a reputable college would take a chance on me, to take into consideration the bullying I endured, for me to showcase my academic abilities. Endicott…

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