Extreme Preemies Essay

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The Controversies of Extreme Preemies
Of all the babies that are admitted to NICUs, prematurely born children seem to be the most controversial. The controversy begins because sometimes parents must make an agonizing ethical choice of whether or not to keep their child alive when machines or the only thing doing so. Every life is worth trying to save, but there may be a point, financially, physically, and mentally, when the survival of preemies may be doing more harm than good to both the child and their parents. There are many studies and expert opinions that back the idea of going to great lengths to save the lives of extremely premature babies. It should be noted that when it comes to the controversy over ethics, “A large majority of the
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In an article published by Madlen Davies (2015), experts at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), make a brutal point, “…health professionals should carefully consider whether medical intervention is in the baby 's best interest, and shouldn 't be carried out 'just because the technology is there '. Continuing treatment to keep the baby alive can sometimes actually cause greater suffering, child health doctors said.” The cases these statements refer to are often cases where the baby is born before the 26th week of pregnancy. Approximately 75% of babies born during the 25th week of pregnancy in the U.S. lived to go home. Sadly, of those 75%, 11% suffered from severe disabilities (unable to control muscles or walk, blindness, deafness), 28% suffered from moderate disabilities (spastic muscles, assisted walking, low IQ, hearing aid needed along with vision aids), and 44% suffered from mild disabilities (Learning disabilities, the need for glasses, Autism, and ADHD) (Juul, 2013).
Other experts describe the drastic financial measures needed to care for premature

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