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  • Saving Our Youth Thesis Statement

    Saving Our Youth Thesis Statement: Although it encourages an early start of sexual activity, condoms should be more accessible to teens because it promotes the practice of safe sex at an early age, it will help avert teenage sexual transmitted infections/ diseases, it will help lower and prevent teenage pregnancy rate from rising. Paragraph II A. To begin with I believe condoms should be more accessible to teens because it encourages and educates the youth on the practice of safe sex at an early…

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  • Human Sexuality Chapter 1 Summary

    A chapter about contraception and planning in a Human Sexuality textbook is crucial. As important as it is to know about sex and all it entails, it is equally as important to know how to do it safely. Chapter 5 talks about the emotional aspect, functions, advantages, disadvantages, unreliable methods, etc. I do not think people realize how many different options there are when preventing pregnancy and STI’s. After finishing this chapter I came to the conclusion even I was blind to the fact there…

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  • How Does Music Affect People?

    Did you ever think about why mothers sing a soothing lullaby to their infants before putting them to bed, or a loud hip hop music is played in a college party rather than a slow, sad one? Have you ever felt depressed that without thinking you play a lament song, or heard a piece of music that had a profound emotional effect on you? Music is part of everyone’s life. It acts as a mood altering that can stimulate or sooth you, it can stir your emotions and induce stress too. A famous composer once…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Birth Control

    Birth control is just what it says, it is methods used to regulate or prevent the birth of children. You might have other meanings like birth planning, family planning, fertility control, and Planned Parenthood but to me they all mean not having children. Most of the time when we speak of birth control we are talking about some type of man-made method therefore when it comes to giving birth control to teenagers, for many reasons, I am against it. Introduction There are times when giving birth…

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  • Why Is Abortion Immoral Wrong

    Sarah’s decision to getting an abortion at 10 weeks was immoral. It was Immoral because she was having consensual sex and never used protection before consenting to sex with her boyfriend of one year. She was aware that contraceptives are not 100% effective techniques to preventing pregnancy. She does not want kids because she believes it’s too early and is not ready for it but she did consent to sex intercourse that led to her being pregnant and was aware the contraceptive is not 100% safe and…

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  • Should Sex Education Be Taught In Public Schools

    Sex Education is a Contraceptive “According to the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an average of 40,000 to 80,000 new cases of HIV are reported each year in the U.S. It is estimated that half of all new infections are among people younger than 25” (quoted in Statistics). There have been many debates over this topic. When is the right time to talk about sex and would it make them more curious? Children are already curious about their bodies; the goal is to make sure they…

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  • The Failure Of Sex Education In Public Schools

    the most debated topics in the United States for over several decades is whether sex education should be taught in public schools. Sex education is instruction on issues describing human sexuality, including sexual reproduction, safe intercourse, birth control, reproductive rights, and sexual abstinence. Some people believe that abstinence is the only way sex education should be taught, and that teaching safe sex encourages sexual relations in adolescents. However, there are several other people…

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  • Teen Pregnancy Research Paper

    years of age gave birth to 249,078 babies in 2014. Therefore, reducing the birth rate 24.2 percent per 1,000 females within that age bracket. In the year 2013 it was reported the birth rate was at 26.5 percent per 1,000 females within 15-19 age group. These babies were close to 89 percent of unwed mothers. Teenagers conceiving babies without being married is an all too common factor in this country. According to the ( about Teen pregnancy). In return, making the U.S. birth rates at…

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  • The Technology Of Orgasm By Rachel P. Maines

    Taylor Starnes November 1, 2017 Dr. D Jong The Technology of Orgasm Rating: 4 Stars In the book entitled "The Technology of Orgasm”, author Rachel P. Maines discusses hysteria, the use and evolution of the vibrator as a treatment, and women’s sexual satisfaction. This book gives insight on the how the modern vibrator came to be and how it was used in the treatment of hysteria. It will also give insight on women’s sexual satisfaction through the ages. To understand what will be discussed in the…

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  • Adultery Research Paper

    1.0 INTRODUCTION As humans we actually exposed to the contact and communication with each other either gender, that men and boys, women and girls as well as the opposite gender, that is men and women in matters such as learning, about muamalat and others. But now, with the growing sophistication of the world we see that promiscuity is rampant among young people or teenagers, whether in the real world or in cyberspace. Having children at a young age teenager is not a small thing, but it is the…

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