Pre-Socratic philosophy

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  • How Did Socrates Influence Critical Thinking

    Socrates was a Greek philosopher who greatly impacted ancient and modern philosophy. Throughout his native home of Athens, Socrates was hailed as an influential but controversial figure. His honesty and straightforwardness eventually got him into trouble with the Athenian government. In 399 B.C., the Athenian Assembly charged Socrates with disrespecting the gods and corrupting the Athenian youth. Socrates’ trial was well documented by one of his students, Plato, in The Apology. When the jury…

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  • Socrates 'Wisdom In Artistophanes' Clouds

    depicts Socrates as the pinnacle philosopher of the Thinkery in Athens. Socrates is an influential thinker, a man who creates high pursuit for knowing the truth in determining a situation from right or wrong. Specifically, Socrates applies critical philosophy to each issue thus, finding a natural explanation for doing the right thing. However, this then leads to practical and skeptical wisdom, which Socrates uses the practical wisdom then by corrupting the youth and later interferes with the…

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  • Review Of Socrates 'Apology'

    Taylor Samec Professor Deen Introduction to Philosophy 21 September 2016 Apology Thesis: Socrates tries to prove he is not guilty by making statements to Meletus. It ends with Meletus agreeing with Socrates’ statements. Meletus ends up being portrayed as a fool that does not know much because Socrates keeps making claims that Meletus does not argue back. What or who is considered a positive influence on the youth? This is the first question Socrates asks Meletus. Meletus responds…

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  • Socrates Preposterous Speech Analysis

    Contradictory, and Ungrounded Fellow citizens, I greet you once more as Simon of Athens, a simple shoemaker. Before I explain to you how the principles of this trial contradict themselves, I would like to clear some misconceptions about me and my group of Socratic followers. Firstly, I do not oppose this trial, in fact, I welcome it. It will provide me an opportunity to show how preposterous it is to let an unlettered mob of politically swayed people to pass judgement on the wisest citizen in…

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  • Thrasymachus Justice Is The Advantage Of The Stronger

    position on justice, Thrasymachus is given no choice but to comply. When Socrates asks his opponent to answer truthfully, Thrasymachus responds by asking whether or not it even matters if he says what he really believes. Anyone familiar with the Socratic elenchus would anticipate a response from Socrates explaining why it is critical for Thrasymachus to be properly involved in the conversation, and not merely a puppet who agrees with every point. John Beversluis refers to this as the…

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  • The Trial Of Socrates Summary

    protection. It is assumed that the government may look at Plato since he was a student of Socrates and Plato may face the same fate as his mentor. Thus Plato began his journey of life. He traveled the world for the next twelve years. With studying philosophy under Socrates, Plato was look at each adventure with new eyes, he was able to question everything. Pretty much what we all do consciously or subconsciously when we learn something new. During his travels, Plato studied mathematics with…

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  • Law School Film Analysis

    The Socratic Method was illustrated in this film by Kingsfield, the professor of Hart’s contract law course. Kingsfield believes that the Socratic Method helps one to analyze the facts, trains the mind and keeps the class constantly thinking. This pedagogical tool for learning the law includes both strengths and weaknesses.…

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  • Loss Of Innocence In Socrates's Apology

    Socrates commences by making a serious request to the jury to listen to him. He also asks them to forgive him if he begins to talk in the way he usually does. The people accusing him have already spoken out against him. They warn the jury of his persuasive way of speaking and how he might seem convincing as he is professing his innocence. Socrates states he does not speak eloquently. He says he will speak so that everyone to understand why he believes he is innocent. He even believes the…

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  • Euthyphro's Socratic Argument

    In his emphasis on virtue and the search for guidance within it, Socrates applies his Socratic method in the Euthyphro, the Apology, and the Crito as a means to alter the fixed mindsets and behaviors of the antagonists that surround him. For example, the individual responsibility of moral obligation is defended by Socrates’ conceptual mode of his philosophical method in his tearing down of his subjects’ preconceived notions on a topic, such as that of ‘What is piety?’ in Plato’s Euthyphro. In…

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  • Piety In Euthyphro's Trial

    Over the course of the dialog from the beginning to the end Socrates was trying to teach Euthyphro. So may ask why, it because Euthyphro was the laugh of the town in Athens. He proclaimed he knew something even though was was wrong. He never admitted he was wrong. This in turn made everyone not take Euthyphro seriously. When he in process of starting a lawsuit against his father we don’t know if he at the end when he storms off, if he already started the suit or was going to be didn’t. Plato…

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