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  • The Kokoda Campaign

    Their want for Port Morseby stems from the ability to attack Australia and gain power of all of Paupa, causing the pressure of a victory for the Australians to ensure protection. That same day, the Australian “Marouba Force” arrived meaning their was more support for…

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  • Arduino Sketch Essay

    consists of two main structures: setup and loop” (MediaTek Labs, n.d.). In this section I will discuss what the above code do. First, LinkIt ONE initializes the Ubidots account, then the sensors, Wi-Fi or GPRS, the location and finally the serial port. To minimize battery consumption, I did not use the GPS antenna to detect and acquire automatically the location. I manually added the location of the device in the codes using latitude and longitude coordinates. The Eco-Smart Can device will try…

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  • Penang Port Case Study

    1.2 Good network In malaysia, Penang Port is the strategical geographical location. Penang Port has a good network with Thailand and Indonesia and also know as the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT). Malaysia has good network with Thaialnd and Indonesia. (Asean Ports Association Malaysia, 2010), Penang Port can be positioned as a regional transshipment hub and upgraded to be one of the major container ports in the Bay of Bengal. The figure below show the map of IMT-GT.…

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  • Gwadar Port Case Study

    the development of this port and unified activities. Gwadar is situated at the substance of the Iranian Plateau and is an entryway to the oil rich Persian Gulf. Gwadar likewise gives simple access to the common assets of Central Asian States. Pakistan is arranged at a geostrategic area from where the nation can possibly be the provincial center point of exchanging and financial exercises. Gwadar Port Project is the initial…

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  • Biography Of Professor Jose Casanova

    endeavors are not necessarily taught, yet it can globally be expanded. Professor Daniel Azfal: The American living overseas. Daniel Azfal is an American Social Sciences Professor at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) located in the city capital of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. He holds a MA in Anthropology from the University of Maryland. After his graduation in 2001, he planned to go to a small town in Colombia to do some research about an indigenous community group: “My uncle was…

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  • Punishment At Port Arthur Essay

    Life for the men at Port Arthur was far from easy, conditions were so atrocious that one-third of the convicts on the second fleet died before even arriving. The vast majority of convicts at Port Arthur were sentenced for property-related crimes but vagrancy and prostitution sentences weren't unheard of. Punishment at Port Arthur was cruel and harsh, punishments like this would not be allowed anymore. It was a long way from England for the convicts, 8 months it took the first fleet to in…

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  • Anne Bonny Research Paper

    Roughly 300 hundred years ago Anne Bonny navigated along the Caribbean, capturing precious treasure, targeting low lives, and stealing ships with Jack Rackham and Mary Read ("Famous Pirate: Anne Bonny"). Anne lived during the 18th century, and had a long and arduous life full of danger, risk, and excitement ("Famous Pirate: Anne Bonny"). From the day Anne was brought into this world till the day she took her last breath, she worked hard, and was an extraordinary female. Anne Bonny is…

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  • Narrative Essay On Freetown

    Its 2098 and a small town or what the citizens call Freetown is being invaded. Two friends that call Freetown their home are going to fix this problem. Their names are Jake and Sally. Jake and Sally go way back they have been friends since they were born. Sally’s mom died when she was 4 years old so she was left with her father for most of her life. When Jake was 15 his mom and dad died in a car wreck that left him with no one to live with because all of his family members lived miles away so he…

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  • Dhamra Port Case Analysis

    Dhamra port, which was promoted jointly by Tata Steel and L&T, has been acting as the operation and management consultant by the Gujarat-based port operator. Adanis’ plan to buy the Odisha Dhamra port now became a part of the Adani Port and Special Economic Zone (APSEZ), the group’s flagship, a listed entity. On the West Coast, APSEZ runs four ports – three in Gujarat (Mundra, Hazira and Dehaj) and one in Goa. APSEZ already runs a coal terminal at Visakhapatnam and it bagged a container…

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  • Port Of Singapore Case Study

    Abstract: The Port of Singapore has a multi-pricing structure. The costs are arranged in three categories: port-calling costs, terminal-handling costs and concession pricing. Port-calling costs are the costs of all services offered to the vessel, ranging from access to quay or terminal, to pilotage, to the supply of water and bunkering, i.e. they encompass all ship-handling costs. Terminal-handling costs comprise costs for loading or unloading, storage, customs clearance, repacking and…

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