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  • Port Clinton Middle School: A Short Story

    to get to my locker. I had nothing organized and had no idea where any of my friends were. Standing there wishing summer wasn’t over. I didn’t know if I could handle the middle school. Slowly I turn myself around. There I was, a new sixth grader at Port Clinton Middle School terrified, yet hopeful. I was excited that I was finally in the middle school, but also extremely nervous. The only thing I could feel were butterflies in my stomach. I start glancing around seeing each clique together, all…

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  • Extreme Poverty In Haiti

    Haiti, the poorest country in the world, with over half of the population living in extreme poverty, is in desperate need of help (“Poverty in Haiti: Aid, Earthquakes, and Imperialism”). The level of poverty in Haiti is so high that it stands out from the other countries in Latin America. Because of extreme poverty, children are often separated from their families and end up living in orphanages. Many Haitians live on the streets with no access to clean water, and do not have the money nor the…

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  • Earthquake In Haiti

    “At 4:53 p.m. on Tuesday, January 12, 2010, Haiti plunged into horror” (Lahens, 2010, p. 9). The earthquake affected three and a half million individuals, left two hundred and twenty thousand people dead, and destroyed four thousand schools (DEC, 2015). It is safe to say that Haiti’s recent history has been dramatically shaped by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake (DEC, 2015) that struck in 2010. Understanding both the gravity of and the world’s response to the 2010 earthquake is essential in…

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  • Camp Springs Apartments Case Study

    This case arises out of damages sustained to a 397-unit apartment complex in Camp Springs, Maryland. The Owner, Metropolitan Apartments at Camp Springs, LLC (“Metropolitan”), incurred significant property damage following a magnitude 5.8 earthquake that occurred on August 23, 2011. (E. 1013). Appellee is WCS Construction, LLC (“WCS”), which served as the general contractor and construction manager of the project called “Town Center at Camp Springs Apartments.” (E. 947) Appellant is the…

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  • Trans-Shipment Container Management In The Port Of Piraeus Case Study

    Trans-Shipment Container Management in the Port of Piraeus Theodoros Koromilas ABSTRACT As a mainly trans-shipment container port, the container terminal of the port of Piraeus has as a primary goal to provide equipment and facilities to deliver efficient and professional service. The commercial port of Piraeus consists of three (3) container terminals, of which one (1), Terminal I, is being operated Piraeus Port Authority S.A. (P.P.A) and two (2), Terminal II and III by the Piraeus Container…

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  • Background And Theory Behind Port Arthur's Prisons In 19th Century Australia

    in Australia: in particular, Port Arthur in Tasmania. Prisons were built based on 19th century theorists Bentham and Beccaria, using concepts of isolation, silence and hard labour as punishment. Punishments such as hangings, floggings, denunciation and transportation were all part of the classical theorist way of thinking in the 19th century, before punishment of the body changed to punishment of the mind. This report will explain the background and theory behind Port Arthur’s prison…

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  • Great Barrier Reef Case Study

    commenced to the Gladstone Port Corporation that the Western Basin Dredging and Disposal project may have affected the environment of the Great Barrier Reef. In the answer to that a Letter to all the Federal Parliaments and Queensland state Parliament, Gladstone Port Corporation (GPC) Chairman Mr. Ian Brusasco, the CEO of GPC Leo Zussino outlined that the Dredging site is inside the Gladstone harbour and is around 40 km away from the start point of Great Barrier Reef. Gladstone Port…

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  • Seaport Case Study

    the service orientation, and integrated with the terminals or centres to deal with constant unchanged business environments. Ports and shipping sector have been a key factor in the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) region's extraordinary economic growth and development. Nowadays, the port is not a linkage between sea and lands, port also can hold the industrial complexes, warehouses and cities to ensure meet the customers’ demands rose in the market.…

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  • Singapore Seaport Case Report

    Ranking of Singapore seaport are top 2 at World Container Ports by TEU and top 2 at world's busiest seaports by cargo tonnage. Port activities Singapore started at the Singapore River in the early years of Singapore’s founding in 1819, when Sir Stamford Raffles first established a trading post here to further British influence in the region. The early economic policy of a free port status promulgated by Raffles, allowed unrestricted movement of goods through the Singapore River’s calm waters,…

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  • Human Resource Management Case Study

    Thomas Date of Submission: 12th October, 2017 Proposed Title of Investigation: 1. An analysis of how different port ownership structures can affect the human resource structures at the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago in allowing the Port of Port of Spain to become an economically viable entity. 2. An analysis of how the human resource structures at the Port of Port of Spain affect the ports opportunity of becoming a viable economic entity. Possible Supervisors: Mr. Adrian Beharry…

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