The Importance Of A Marine Auditor

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A marine surveyor can be very helpful in diverse ways to the ship owner, particularly in assisting the ship prepare for an audit. As required by the ISM code, every ship must undergo periodic audit either to ascertain her compliance, or to renew related documents and certifications. The expertise of a marine surveyor is therefore, needed to assist the ship owner prepare for impending ISM audit, and against any possible deficiencies.
Practically, there are two types of ISM audits performed to verify Company/Ship compliance with the ISM code.
• External Audit – conducted by Port State Control, Flag State Administration or Recognised Organisation on their behalf.
Internal Audit – conducted by the Company (the Ship owner).
In this light, a
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In this case, the surveyor does not necessary have to perform the audit on behalf of the client, but instead, a chain of communication is established through which the surveyor delivers his/her advice and recommendation. The internal auditor is a qualified delegate from the Company’s staff, who conducts the audit in line with the surveyor’s advice. Here, the surveyor brings to the team a wealth of good practices and vital information; either from decades of his/her surveying experience or from the knowledge gained through professional …show more content…
The two types of non-conformities are as described below:

1. Non-Conformity
As deduced from the ISM code:
“Non-conformity” means an observed situation where objective evidence indicates the non-fulfilment of a specified requirement.
“Non-conformity” sometimes referred to as a “minor non-conformity” can be described as a mere observation leading to a failing ISM system, not to anything particular.
For instance, a leaking fire hose is a defect. So if the leak is as a result of inadequate periodic maintenance of the fire hose, then the failure to properly maintain the fire hose is a Non-conformity of the ISM system. Overall, a minor non-conformity is a failure or breakdown of insignificant consequence or impact.
Examples of minor non-conformity include:
I. The inspection LSA equipment had not been recorded in the logbook for a week.
II. Special instruction for burning of Boil-off gas (BOG) not posted in the engine control room.
III. Emergency operating procedures for emergency diesel generator not

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