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  • Earthquake In Haiti, Dominican Republic

    2011). The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.0 mm (Fierro, E. & Perry, C. Preliminary Reconnaissance Report). The epicenter of the earthquake was in the town of Leogane. The town of Leogane is approximately 25 kilometers west-southwest of the city of Port Au Prince. The earthquake had a depth of 13 kilometers (Fierro, E. & Perry, C. Preliminary Reconnaissance Report). The earthquake occurred on January 12th.. More than 3 million people were affected by the earthquake. There were 220,000…

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  • Clark Hoyt Face To Face With Tragedy Analysis

    images convey and the journalist’s reasons for publishing them. First, he examined the negative responses from the public, quoting Randy Stebbins for saying, “the numerous photographs printed in the Times showing the dead strewn about the streets of Port-au-Prince are unnecessary, unethical, unkind and inhumane” (Stebbins 2). Following this stance, Hoyt explains that some people, like Mary Louise Thomas, are actually grateful for the images, even though they are…

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  • Haiti Earthquake

    Jaspaul Dhaliwal 140355700 Disruptions of Evil Caused by Haiti Earthquake On January 12th, 2010, the Capital of Haiti was devastated by a magnitude 7 earthquake that left over 280,000 dead, 300,000 injured, and millions homeless, thus generating one of the most horrific natural disasters documented [1]. From being one of the largest earthquakes to ever hit our planet in over 200 years, the effects on the physical environment and the shattered community are still evident in Haiti…

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  • Compare And Contrast Earthquake And Haitian Earthquake

    In January of 1994, a 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit the San Fernando valley in Los Angelas, CA. In January of 2010 a 7 magnitude earthquake hit 15 miles south of the city of Port-au-Prince Haiti. Both earthquakes occurred in extremely population dense areas. Both were similar in strength. However, while the Haitian earthquake killed close to 300,000 people by some accounts, the Northridge Earthquake killed 57. While some argue the actual death toll to be as low as 84,000 in Haiti, that is still…

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  • The Big Truck That Went By Analysis

    and help cleaning up the country. What they got instead was money that wasn’t fully spent on the Haitians and countries that wanted to help because it would benefit themselves. The help that they are getting is not being used like it should be. Port-au-Prince overflows with waste and 52 trucks that have been imported to help clean up are still sitting in customs. A good chunk of the money is spent on jet fuel for planes to come down and about $50,000 of it was spent on elevator maintenance in…

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  • Mr Tlin Characteristics

    A. Social History and Characteristics of Mr. Tulin Mr. Tulin is a 40 year Haitian National. He comes from an impoverished neighborhood of Carrefour, on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where he was born and raised. Mr. Tulin is the oldest of eleven children. Mr. Tulin’s parents worked tirelessly to provide for their children. Tulin’s father, now deceased, was a laborer and his mother is a street merchant, selling charcoal, and a self-taught seamstress. Mr. Tulin adopted his parent’s…

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  • Theories Of Homelessness

    For example, on January 12, 2010, Haiti was struck by an earthquake of a magnitude of 7.0 about 10 miles southwest of Port au Prince causing over two million people becoming homeless within a very short period of time. As a consequence, the millions of homeless victims became vulnerable to a host of dangerous circumstances. According to Every and Thompson (2014), there…

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  • Gulf Port Ships Inc Case Summary

    In this scenario, I feel that HR failed to effectively communicate with the employees at Gulf Port Ships. Once the leaders of the organization, learned about the major upset amongst workers, with management's decision to charge employees vacation banks for days they missed work, There should have been a plan of action called into place and this situation should have been addressed by HR, to prevent it from growing into a bigger problem. By addressing concerns of workers, it would have…

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  • Haiti Health Care Essay

    This essay includes the history, demographics, location and geography, economics, education, government, health care of Haiti that explains the way the nation as a whole works. It focuses on different aspects of the country and how they are trying to improve their health care system. The country realized how much they needed to step up their game after the 2010 earthquake left the whole nation devastated. As a nation the government and the people need to work together in order to create a…

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  • Port Clinton Middle School: A Short Story

    to get to my locker. I had nothing organized and had no idea where any of my friends were. Standing there wishing summer wasn’t over. I didn’t know if I could handle the middle school. Slowly I turn myself around. There I was, a new sixth grader at Port Clinton Middle School terrified, yet hopeful. I was excited that I was finally in the middle school, but also extremely nervous. The only thing I could feel were butterflies in my stomach. I start glancing around seeing each clique together, all…

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