Port Klang Malaysia Case Study

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Marine Traffic Density Over Port Klang, Malaysia Using Statistical Analysis Of AIS Data: A Preliminary Study

Port Klang Malaysia is the major logistic hub of Malaysia and one of the busiest ports in South East Asia region. There are a large number of vessels or cargo ships transporting using the waterway in Port Klang Malaysia. Group [1] reported that in the first half of 2012 Port Klang Malaysia handled 5 million Twenty- Foot Equivalent Unit (TEU) of container traffic in total, up to 67% from 4.7 million TEUs during the same period the previous year.

As one of the busiest container port in South East Asia, Port Klang Malaysia actually made up of two separate ports: West ports and North port. In the first half of 2012, Port
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From the year 2006 to 2010 more than 70,000 vessels traverse the strait per year. This high vessel traffic couple with the narrowness of the straits is existing navigational hazards. To ensure the safeness of navigation of the strait, monitoring of vessel traffic is an important application to think about.
It is possible to considering various methods of observation by using AIS system and all information about the ships movement in certain location of sea area could be obtained. Data obtained from AIS are referring to geographical position, courses, physical parameters of ship as well as kind of transportation, could be presented in the figure of a simplified diagram. [3].
To identify and locate vessels by electronically exchanging data with other nearby ships, AIS was used on ships and units ashore [2]. To provide accessible, up-to-date information on vessel activity in the marine environment, AIS is used and is becoming increasingly popular with marine vessels [4]. In this study, traffic density over Port Klang, Malaysia are investigate using several variables such as number of vessels, their speed and type of cargo and also traffic path.
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The tanker detected in Port Klang Malaysia are chemical or oil product tanker and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) tanker. The cargo found in Port Klang Malaysia are general cargo vessels and bulk carrier, general cargo carries packed items while bulk carriers carry a product in loose form. Fishing, tug and high-speed craft are also found in Port Klang Malaysia. The other vessel found are sailing, dredging or underwater operations.
Figure 8 shows the distribution of vessels. From the AIS data, the highest vessels operated are cargo. The second highest are the tanker. Based on the classification and number of vessels types, it shows that the most of the traffics that are found in Port Klang Malaysia are mostly commercial vessels and this also contributes to the

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