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  • Entomopathogenic Fungi Lab Report

    control group for two hours. The seeds in groups of three in 6” x 6” pots containing a doubly autoclaved mixture of field soil and potting mix at a 1:1 ratio. The maize plants were allowed to grow in 16 h light and 8 h dark at 28 °C ±2 in a greenhouse. Two least vigorous maize seedlings were eliminated to minimize the competition. The plants with five biological replicates for each treatment were put on randomized block design and watered every 1-2…

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  • Road Salt Analysis

    Introduction Finally, a warm day after a harsh winter, so what can you expect, all the ice/snow melting and flowing into our drains or into our grass, soil, and plants (Gould, 2013). Alongside with the ice/snow melting away into our environments so is that salt that was previously used to treat the roads (Gould, 2013). Roadside vegetation can become injured or die to due to the runoff from the treated pavements (Gould, 2013). The salt used for treated pavements is usually chloride-based and is…

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  • Ecosystem And Terrestrial Ecosystem

    the main producer is plant that plays a very significant roles in order to sustain the growth population. Basically, plant producing their own food by undergo photosynthesis in the help of sunlight energy. The next trophic level which is herbivore will consume it and proceed to next food web. This phenomena lead to determine either the growth rate in certain ecosystem or habitat is higher or lower. For example paddy plants, it is only life once, which means once the paddy plants harvest it will…

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  • Forest Fire Benefits

    would also provide environmental conditions that would require plants to adapt and change their native characteristics. This could in turn affect the ecology of the region as old ties in the ecosystem are broken and new ones are formed. In the example of the non-native toadflax given previously, the poisonous nature of the plant allows it to out-compete native species that serve as food for local fauna. In time, the presence of these plants can drive out native fauna from the region, affecting…

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  • Bracken Fern Case Study

    problems and they are herein called “problem ferns”. Pteridium aquilinum (bracken fern) is one of the problem ferns which cause the greatest range of problems on ecology and human welfare. Bracken fern has been described as one of the five most common plants on earth, the most locally intensive and globally extensive. It is a ubiquitous fern belonging to the phylum Pteridophyta and to the family Dennstaedtiaceae. In India it is found on exposed grassy lands in hills. It is an ornamental,…

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  • Factory Farming Essay

    Factory farming causes mass amounts of pollution to our environment. Producing livestock requires many resources and produces a huge amount of waste at the same time. 55% of the water in the U.S goes towards animal agriculture, where as American homes only use about 5%. Deforestation, Speciesism, Environmental degradation, water waste, carbon foot prints, methane emissions, cruelty and suffering, health issues and our ethics are all put at risk when we consume animal products. Nearly three…

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  • Lima Bean Experiment

    growth of a plant? Background Information: When recalling knowledge about what plants need to grow, some things were obvious; sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide. Lima beans are a annual, and need to be in a warm climate to grow best. Lima beans grow best in temperatures between 60 degrees and 70 degrees and prefer a soil pH of 6.0 to 6.8. Also, lima beans need specific water levels to be successful. If you water the plant too much, then the seed can become too saturated and drown. If a plant…

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  • Meta Description: Can You Eat Broccoli

    Meta Description: Can you eat broccoli flowers? Learn the truth about whether it’s safe to eat your blossoming broccoli. FLOWERS ARE SPROUTING FROM YOUR BROCOLLI PLANT – CAN YOU EAT BROCOLLI FLOWERS? 4 Interesting Things to Know About Broccoli Flowers Broccolis are known for their uniquely shaped flowers that look like miniature trees. Source: If you’re new to gardening and decided to add broccoli to your palette, it’s safe…

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  • The Importance Of Observation In Agriculture

    How does precipitation affect the different plants, around it compared to itself. Upon First observing, you will see that it is not affected as much as the other regular plants around it. Why could that be I wondered? My hypothesis is because it can store water when other regular bushes, shrubs, trees cannot. My prediction is that the other plants will look worse or will even die off if not enough precipitation was to occur. Then I would test…

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  • Acid Rain Lab

    This lab report is over the effects of acid rain on plant germination and growth. Testing was done to see the acid rain had an effect on the radish seed germination and growth of the radish plant. Radish plants, also known as raphanus sativus, a cultigen plants. This means that the radishes have become what they are now, due to selective breeding over the course of thousands of years. “Grown worldwide for its fleshy, edible taproot, radish is thought to have originated in the eastern…

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