Brisbane City Council Case Study

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The Brisbane city council must give out free native plants and not
Brisbane city council has a program that offers free native trees for you to grow freely (in selected areas) in your backyard. For this assignment I am proving the argument that the city council should only give native plants to the selected suburbs of Brisbane and not plants from other parts of Australia or the world.
Using local native plants in your garden have a lot of benefits top offer, for example wildlife and better growth due to the local soil. Using local plants like a wildflower shrubs and trees for example are very much suited to our sandy alkaline soil because over time the plan t has evolved to suit that soil so it can thrive when it grows. In fact they love
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Water, air, habitat, medicine and climate all are provided by plants. Plants are autotrophic eukaryotes, consist of complex cells and are able to produce their own food. There are two types of plants Terrestrial and aquatic. The Terrestrial plants over long periods of time have evolved from their former plant structures Chlorophytes and these plants demand adaptations to avoid dying. Moreover their stomata assist the plant from desiccation and provides support in the development of roots. On the other hand aquatic plants also labelled as macrophytes or hydrophytes have adapted to live submerged in water or on the surface of the water which was viewed at the Mt Coot, botanic garden. This means plants from different regions of the country or the world, require different factors in order to survive their area. Because of this if the council were to give out plants from another area of Australia or the world they would have to change the area to suit that plant they are growing, and if they don’t look after the plant they are growing it will quickly turn into a weed pest. A lot of the plants in Brisbane live in an average temperature of 35Oc. This is because the enzymes within the plant helps speed up the reactions in plant cells preforming at its optimum level. Although lots of arguments have been pointed on whether exotic plants should be grown in gardens or not. Most of Brisbane has a subtropical environment of a 75% canopy level with

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