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  • Atomic Bloomz Swot Analysis

    Atomic Bloomz is said to be the most advanced nutrient for plants in the market as described in their website. I learned from experience that the nutrients needed by plants that they get from the soil is not enough to make them grow healthy that is why there is a need for fertilizers to support the plants’ needs for growing healthy which is manifested…

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  • Lemna Case Study

    is a free- floating aquatic plant from the duckweed family, that consists of small, individual thalli (Tkalec, 2001). Lemna are small, fast growing plants and they develop dense mats on ponds, especially when enough light and nutrients are available (Gérard, 2014). Salt is the most toxic substance, as it causes an inhibition of plant growth and a decrease in nutrient uptake (Chang, 2012). Salt stress induces the production of abscisic acid (ABA), a plant stress hormone, which…

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  • Animal Adaptation Essay

    Plants and animals have made changes in their habitats as they have transitioned from water environments to land environments. This alteration requires the organisms to adapt to their new environments in order to survive and reproduce. These evolutionary transitions eventually led up to alterations in means of respiration, ways to prevent water loss, water dependent reproduction, and structural transformations. Amphibians evolved into reptiles and eventually into birds and mammals, being able to…

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  • The Importance Of Biodiversity Of The Polynesia-Micronesia Hotspot

    Species are dying, which in turn causes the loss of biodiversity. In order to have a sustainable environment, there needs to be an increase in biodiversity. Biodiversity refers to the variety and variability of life on Earth. The number of species of plants and animals are both part of the biological diversity of the Polynesia-Micronesia hotspot. The loss of biodiversity in this hotspot damages crucial services provided by nature. A biodiversity hotspot is a region with a significant amount of…

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  • Drought Response Essay

    useful measurement of plant water status (Hinckley et al 1978; Murphy and Ferrell, 1982; Waring and Schlensinger 1985; Davis…

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  • The Benefits Of Organic Veg Garden

    to start growing organic veggies for a family.The enormous benefits of the usage of space results in the availability of plenty of oxygen, beautiful greenery which enriches the look of the surroundings and mainly spending some time to take care of plants is a good exercise to body and mind to relax. Finally the output of your hard work in the form of veggies coming from your unused space is a big enjoyable moment for your kids and for you. No matter, it could be a little yield, but the joy of…

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  • The Effect Of Wetness Duration On Infection And Growth

    wetness duration, temperature, age of plant, resistant plant cultivar, pH, nutrient and light. 2.4.1 Inoculum density One of the main factors that facilitate Colletotrichum sp. infection and growth is inoculum density. Up till now, according to Diéguez-Uribeondo et al. (2011), disease severity increased exponentially with increasing concentration of inoculum. For instance, an increase in lesion number and bigger necrotic lesion diameter was observed on cucumber plant as inoculum concentration…

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  • Urine System Essay

    Research has shown that urine helps plants best when diluted with purified water; this is likely due to the fact that urine contains chemicals that would halt (or at the very least, slow down considerably) important processes within the plant. Such processes include, but are certainly not limited to, transpiration and photosynthesis, inarguably the two most vital activities performed within the plant. Transpiration occurs when plants lose water vapor through the guard cells and stomata;…

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  • Reproductive Biochemical Cycles

    may become groundwater (water that flows underground towards the nearest ocean)(name, date), it may continue to flow underground as run off until it reaches the ocean again. Plants release water into the atmosphere all the time through a process known as transpiration, during photosynthesis water release is higher. When plants absorb water through their roots, water vapor is released in the pores in their leaves in exchange for the intake of co2. This…

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  • Bracken Fern Case Study

    problems and they are herein called “problem ferns”. Pteridium aquilinum (bracken fern) is one of the problem ferns which cause the greatest range of problems on ecology and human welfare. Bracken fern has been described as one of the five most common plants on earth, the most locally intensive and globally extensive. It is a ubiquitous fern belonging to the phylum Pteridophyta and to the family Dennstaedtiaceae. In India it is found on exposed grassy lands in hills. It is an ornamental,…

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