Overexpression In Plants

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Introducing Genes from other Organisms to Improve Efficiency Besides using just genes from the plant itself, scientists have been able to introduce other genes from other organisms into the plant cells, one of the first being (Fructose-1, 6-Sedoheptulose-1, 7-biphosphate). The (Fructose-1, 6-Sedoheptulose-1, 7-biphosphate) gene comes from cyanobacteria and was introduced to a transgenic tobacco plant. Once again, through the use of overexpression, the tobacco plant showed an increased photosynthetic rate and increased product yield. Being introduced into the plant’s chloroplast, the mutant gene had a much higher yield than the wild type gene. The mutant gene tobacco plant had increases in dry weight, photosynthetic rate, and Rubisco efficiency. …show more content…
It allows the plant grow bigger and also resist disease and damage easier since its ability to absorb nutrients is quicker. By having these genetically altered plants introduced to a local environment, it also increases their ability to spread these genes to future generations to allow other plants to also have this increased photosynthetic rate as well. When all of these plants all have the same improved genes they are also further improving the soil and surrounding area for other organisms. The soil becomes more nitrogen rich creating more habitable environments for even more plants to grow. Other organisms like herbivores and bugs have more plants to feed on due to increased plant biomass, which advertently helps the entire food chain in that ecosystem. Those are just some of the advantages of genetically improving the photosynthetic efficiency of plants, on a small …show more content…
Through this research, plant geneticists have to chance to aid in increasing crop production, Biofuels and Biomaterials, the improvement of nitrogen economy and soil, and the overall knowledge of photosynthesis and plant genetics. Once again, with this research being so new, the possibilities are nearly endless. The most important thing to draw from this essay is how crucial this research can become, and how many positive effects the world can benefit from. This is why the future of plant genetics and its effect on the efficiency of photosynthesis is truly vital to the future of our species and our

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