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  • Harrison Bergeron And The Unknown Citizen Analysis

    When individuals consider the meaning of equality, they usually envision everyone possessing the same liberties and opportunities, regardless of any personal differences. Therefore, people often think of equality in a positive manner; what they do not realize is that equality can also refer to everyone living together under miserable conditions, including a lack of freedom or individuality. “Harrison Bergeron,” a short story by Kurt Vonnegut, and “The Unknown Citizen,” a poem by W.H. Auden,…

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  • American Industry In 1860 Case Study

    Increasing innovations and principles of science and were exploited to produce either industrial goods or consumer goods. Examples of technical innovations which were born in end 19th century include the internal combustion engine, the telephone, the phonograph, electricity, refrigeration, the motorized reaper and tractor, the repeating and bolt action, the machine gun, industrial cigarette rolling machines, the Bessemer steel converter, the typewriter,…

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  • Social And Cultural Changes In The 1920s

    The 1920s was a period in time in which America embraced new ways of thinking and behaving. With the end of World War I and the passage of the Eighteenth Amendment, Americans entered the distinctive 1920s. The 1920s were an age of dramatic political, economic and cultural change. Change in political policies like prohibition were a major part of the twenties. For instance, many communities in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries introduced alcohol prohibition, “ undertaken to…

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  • The Unknown Citizen Analysis Essay

    “The Unknown Citizen,” written by W. H. Auden, is a poem that describes the life of man lived a life that most people would see as ideal. The man illustrated by this poem did what society expected him to do which resulted in a model life. This poem, however, can be seen in more than one way. Some may see the story in the poem as a description of a man who had an unfulfilling life because he did only what was expected of him. Instead of trying something new, exploring the world, or making a…

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  • Allusion In Like A Lion

    Midterm 5. One internal expectation that makes it hard for Junior to succeed is that because he is Indian he won't succeed. "But we reservation Indians don't get to realize our dreams. We don't get those chances" (13). This causes Junior problems, because it makes it so he gives up on escaping, and becoming successful. "I wanted to have it better, but I didn't deserve it" (41). Junior overcomes this expectation by going to Rearden, and doing well on the basketball team, and by doing well…

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  • Art Tatum's Accomplishments

    and before he was twenty, he had already signed a two-year radio contract with WSPD. He learned to read sheet music via the Braille method, which is a tactile writing system used by the blind or visually impaired. He also memorized piano rolls and phonograph recordings, which exemplifies his determination to learn the instrument without vision. While Tatum primarily learned the piano through his own teachings, he attended the Toledo School of Music, where he received classical training to hone…

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  • Sound Design In Theatre

    Since theatre first became popular in the times of the Greek, the use of sound to enhance theatrical experience has been prominent. However, many leaps have been made since then to improve a sound designer’s abilities to create different and intricate sounds in their design processes. The evolution of sound playback systems is a key element in the development of sound design in theatre. Through exploration of the history of sound playback, the current available playback systems on the market and…

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  • Essay On The Pioneers Of Film

    The beginning of film making is important event that has helped shaped our media in today’s society. Back during the early 1900’s, the world was dramatically changing and this process needed to be captured. Through early pioneers who accepted a challenge to change the way citizens view the world, they found a way through different styles to capture the changes of the world with film. These pioneers used their creative minds to bring their personalities to life with the films they produce about…

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  • Odets: The Influence Of Jacob In Blood Brothers

    In this passage, Odets highlights Jacob's age as one of the character's major obstacles. Jacob cannot incite the revolution because those around him dismiss his ideas due to his age, thus he must put that burden onto Ralph. The most obvious way Odets emphasizes Jacob’s age is by having Jacob refer to the younger Ralph as "boychick" (74). This Yiddish term is used to refer to young boys, and since Ralph is given as in his twenties, for Jacob to be using such a term he must be significantly older…

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  • Misinformation Myth

    The rate and depth of respiration is calculated by a phonograph cloaked in the region of the chest. Skin response is calculated through electrodes attached to a subject 's fingertips. There is a controversial problem with the accuracy of the polygraph test. Subject 's can be in a nervous state of mind causing…

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