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  • Transport Transportation Essay

    Now come to the question of HOW? As we have discussed there are five transport methods: sea, air, rail, road transport and the orphan and continuously forgotten pipeline transport. In today’s transport world all five of these transport modes are used to transport cargo. The land transport can be by train or truck. In the event of air and sea transport land transport (rail or road transport) is required to take the cargo from the origin to the airport or harbour and the same happens on the…

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  • Smart Parking System Case Study

    Chapter four Design, Implementation and Testing 4.1. Introduction: In this chapter we explain the design and implementation of the smart parking system. This explanation will include Block Diagram, flow chart and explain theoretical how the System work. 4.2. The Arduino Mega microcontroller unit: The Arduino Mega will be programed using C language to control the main system. This MC will control the gate of the parking and send all the data of all the users inside the parking faculty to the…

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  • Blockchain: Advantages And Disadquences Of Computer Security And Security

    Blockchain is a shared, distributed ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network [1]. It is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but can be applied to everything of value. Once the information is entered in Blockchain it cannot be erased, modified or tampered with. Everyone in the network will be able to write data/perform transactions but cannot modify…

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  • Major Objectives Of Oracle Troubleshrorage And Scenarios

    The DBA must possess the following skills in his personality to professionally execute his role: 1. A DBA should have good awareness of physical database design. 2. He should have the best knowledge of the operating system. 3. He should be excellent in all Oracle utilities and tools. 4. He must be able to deliver a planned database direction to the enterprise. 5. His personality must possess a sharp aptitude to execute the best performance of operating system and Oracle database. 6. He must have…

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  • Alan Turing Machine Research Paper

    Renowned computer scientists and historians alike have hailed Alan Turing as the “father of the modern computer.” This is no small claim if one considers the tremendous impact computers have on humanity. Innovations like the internet and email have massive effects on everyday life in the modern world, from every call made from a cell phone, to every pixel of data seen on a high-definition television screen, computation of one kind or another is involved in some way. There are countless worthy…

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  • Analysis Of Steve Parent's Interview With IBM

    Since 1924, International Business Machine Corporation (IBM) has been the most significant player in every stage of the evolution of information technology (IBM 2016). If a company is able to stay relevant in a rapidly changing industry for almost 100 years, they are clearly doing something right. IBM never defined itself by its strategies or products, but by its “forward-thinking culture and management practices grounded in core values” (IBM 2008). In order to learn more about the IT industry…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Service Trip To America

    1) Genuinely, I have felt the call to go on a service trip and I mean that very much. There have been countless nights where I have sat on my iPad searching the internet for service trips. I have looked at trips to Ghana, the Philippines, and India. I have watched hour long documentaries on international trips to Africa. I really and truly have sat in my bed crying over these films. I am not joking when I say my email box is full from the CIEE, Global Leaders of America, and…

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  • Isaac Asimov's I, Robot

    Imagine a robot understanding your emotion. It actually ‘thinks’ like a human being. This robot is an artificial intelligence first proposed in a novel called ‘I, Robot’ written by Isaac Asimov in 1950. Today, I want to bring a very interesting topic onto the surface. I want to talk about ‘Artificial Intelligence and employment’, especially focusing on the field of ‘Public Safety’. Since my dream is to become a police officer, I thought it would be quite beneficial for me to get some overview…

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  • Golden Age Of Technology

    There is no denying that technology has become a major part in all of our lives, and in a world driven by technology, it appears that almost every aspect of our daily lives now rely on some form of technological means. Whether it be to research a project, watch a new episode of “Suits” or text with your friends, technology has your back. However, not many people realise the dangers associated with this Golden Age of technology. To see how reliant humanity has become on technology, one only…

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  • Good Parents Research Paper

    Right now, I am a very smart girl. I like to sing, read, and go on electronics. I am a very techie person and will mostly help you with any techie issue besides projectors. Things like computers, phones, IPads, that kind of thing. I have the best parents ever. Everything is going well in my life. There is no such thing as a perfect parent, so just be a real one.”- Sue Atkins. Parents raise us to teach us and teach us for the real world. Parents are the best thing we have. Even though…

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