The Importance Of Digital Literacy

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1.1 Definition

Digital describes electronic technology that generates, stores, and processes data in term of two states which positive and nonpositive. Positive is expressed or represented by the number one while non-positive by the number of 0. Thus data transmitted or stored with digital technology is expressed as a string of 0’s and 1’s. Each of these state digits is referred to as a bit.

Literacy is the quality or state of being literate, especially the ability to read and write, to question someone’s literacy. Besides, a person’s knowledge of a particular subject or field, to acquire computer literacy, and improving your financial literacy.

As a public that very addicted with the Information and Communication (ICT), they expected
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The electronic tools enhanced the existing practise or make it easier and faster to find any information or collection in a short time.

According to Charlene L. Al-Qallaf Afaf S.R. Al-Mutairi, (2016), digital literacy involves being able to carry out successful digital actions embedded within life situations, which may include work, learning, leisure, and other aspects of everyday life; Digital literacy , for the individual, will therefore vary according to his/her particular life situation, and also be an ongoing lifelong process developing as the individual’s life situation evolves.
Digital library is broader than ICT Literacy and will involve acquiring and using knowledge, techniques, attitudes and personal qualities, and will include the ability to plan, execute and evaluate digital actions in the solution of life tasks, and the ability to reflect on one’s own digital literacy development.

Digital literacy is ability of individuals to use appropriately of digital tools and facilities because digital literacy is the awareness and attitude. It is to gave a sneak preview into the purpose to “build a knowledge based economy with focus on the software elements that touch on human
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Each contention have own definitions and functions also can bring the digital literacy in forward in future. In order to fulfil the conceptual, the individual should be familiar with the technology, skills in order to perform and solve the problem as well. Besides, operational is the process that should know how to conduct the digital literacy as well. For example, to know either the information can be use, valid of the sources and etc. so that the contention should be known by individual who work or guide the digital environment. According to Charlene L. Al-Qallaf Afaf S.R. Al-Mutairi , (2016), that digital literacy involves “mastering ideas, not keystrokes.” In the other hand, Digital literacy and Digital Citizenship have the similarities but look at the different ways. It is also can give the improvements in each. Digital library more to knowledge, skills, experience that relates which technology, they include the ability to search, find the source, information, tells about the circular and academic, between lopsided and unbiased. All this can fit on digital literacy part. Whereby digital citizenship related with the action. Digital citizenship teach or show us about entertain and pertain people.
For example, when we teach the student in school on how to involve in web, in automatically give them empower or change to them to do the same thing at the

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