Literacy Debate: Online R U Really Reading?

Internet Interns In the 21st century with technology moving with torpedo-like speed, Internet reading is a popular topic. It is now easier than ever to access the news, books, or even discussions about your favorite poem. Not only that, but we are an inquisitive species with demands. Whenever you need to know something, it is wonderful to have access to the answer at our fingertips. All things considered, the Internet acts as a welcoming door to a world waiting to be explored. The only downside to utilizing the Web is the concern of Internet usage inefficiently. Although Motoko Rich in “Literacy Debate: Online R U Really Reading?” writes a balanced argument, she fails to recognize that the benefits of Internet reading effortlessly outweigh the disadvantages. It may be easy to ignore the advantages of the Internet with the pessimistic outlooks of the press, but the Internet is, in fact, a place full of discovery. It is a place where you can learn not only from the author, but also from others. Books, as Zachary states, “are more one-way”, while “The Web is more about a …show more content…
We exploit the information found on the Internet in hope of gaining worthwhile knowledge. The Internet plays a big role in our life because influences the way our brain is wired, helps us stay up to date with new information, allows us to cover different point of views, creates a drive to learn more, and most importantly makes us truly think. Anyone can read, but not everyone can grasp the concept. Its advantages are a powerful tool that could put you ahead of the game. It contains a large amount of information that can be useful in both our jobs and studies. Although the Internet has changed the way we learn in our lives, it doesn’t impede with the previous methods. It will always be easier to think negatively since it doesn’t take any effort, but in the end people can either choose to take advantage of this opportunity, or let it pass

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