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  • Information Management Personal Statement

    The science of information management is growing extremely important as international businesses are turning more complex with each passing year, and knowledge required to excel in the aforementioned field is also getting further involved. With my substantial professional background in computers and telecommunications, I have gained interest and turned out be skillful in this field. However, with each new assignment, the thorough knowledge of information management is becoming imperative. My extensive work experience in information and Communication domain is making it absolutely exigent to have the managerial grasp with comprehensive technical knowledge if I am to prepare myself for the inevitable challenge of a successful career. Such an…

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  • Health Information Management Personal Statement

    My interest in healthcare began in 1994 when began a two-year certificate program in Health Information Management at Central Texas College. The education that I received provided me an introduction into health service delivery and gave me an opportunity to work for a small psychiatric practice as a transcriptionist. In this position I developed entry level skills while covering the front desk and transcribing dictated reports. I only remained in this position for a brief period and worked…

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  • The Australian Privacy Principles (APP)

    and manage personal information. Legal practitioners need to be aware that the APPs are not prescriptive. Each APP entity has to consider and determine how the principles apply to its own situation. The Guidance Note lists the APPs, and provide legal practitioners with examples of how an APP entity could address the requirements of each APP. For the full text of the APPs, legal practitioners can gain access via OAIC’s webpage “Privacy fact sheet 17: Australian Privacy Principles”…

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  • Healthcare Information Management Case Study

    Introduction Healthcare information management (HIM) professionals play an important role in the health care system. (HIM) professionals have several responsibilities ranging from identification of records to process (finding discharge patients’ lists), assembly of records into standard forms, quantitative analysis (existence, completeness, & authentication), as well as coding. Other duties of the HIM include abstracting, storing, retrieving or release of information, tracking records while…

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  • Health Information Professional Analysis

    Health information professionals play a key role in any healthcare organization. Their extensive knowledge of clinical procedures, information technology, and electronic health records (EHRs); give them a variety of career opportunities. Sarah Austin, RHIT, CCS is one of many Health Information Management (HIM) professionals currently practicing in Arkansas. She is a graduate of DeVry University, where she excelled in her pursuit for an Associate of Applied Science in Health Information/Medical…

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  • Digital Discourse

    Intertwined to make a tangled web, spider silk incorporates a special stickiness to trap unsuspecting prey. Much like a spider’s web, social media captures people of all ages in the digital world of communication. Social media remains a platform for participation on the internet in which kids, teenagers, and adults publish information regarding a variety of topics. Yet, all social media platforms- Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Blogs, etc.- are simply threads in a larger web of digital…

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  • Communication Skills: Paraphrasing Relationships

    Skills Paper (Draft) As a married woman, I know all to well how communication can affect your relationship with your partner or significant other. While communication skills are vital towards a lasting relationship, effective communication is a necessity with everyone you may encounter. Communication is the foundation for which all cultures, despite age or gender, convey messages through nonverbal or verbal cues. What you say, or don’t say, will have a significant impact on how your message is…

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  • Discourse Group Analysis: Norfolk Summer Leadership Camp

    Communication is something we do every day. Writing a text message to your Mom is very different from responding to an email from your boss. Both require a different tone and a different level of formality or informality. Identifying when it is appropriate to use a certain tone of communication is vital when trying to get your point across effectively. When I am in my family and friends discourse group the setting is very informal and casual. It is not uncommon for one of us to end a text…

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  • Traffic Control Research Paper

    transport is very risky in the case of information issues. The aircrafts are controlled through systems of coordinated information systems. Any loss or misinterpretation of the information from the ground results into tragic accidents, loss of lives and resources. Such cases have been evident in many parts of the country where the crafts get lost from the system and crashes on the ground. The riskiest thing is that hackers have proved their ability to cause harm to the air control systems and…

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  • Sensation And Perception In Dillard's Seeing

    Sensation and Perception in Dillard’s “Seeing” There is no one way to look at nature. Everyone has their own way of looking at nature, but in “Seeing,” author Annie Dillard sees nature in two radically different and contradictory ways. Early on in the chapter, she explores an overly analytical method of seeing that she first began to use as a little girl searching the air for flying insects. But as the chapter progresses, she shifts to a second, arguably preferred method of seeing involving a…

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