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  • Kalila And Dimna Character Analysis

    Every person that comes crawling into this world will at some point have a purpose that can hopefully be both successful and benefiting towards the rest of existence. Being a successful person does though take time, but if we are committed, then it should not matter because we know the end product will be what we want. Now the one thing about success is that it can either be for the good or the bad. We would think that everyone is trying to be successful for good reason, but in Kalila and Dimna, there we find examples of deceitfulness and bad success. Dimna is the one that takes things into his own hands and decides that he wants to have some fun and see bad things happen. All the different stories that are told within the time frame of Dimna talking to King Lion through Kalila being enraged at Dimna are fascinating, but the plan that Dimna has from the start is evil. The strategy that he goes to deceiving King Lion and Shanzabeh would be something that I might find a kid doing to try and get a cookie from the cookie jar, but then also Dimna is not a human. For most people who want to do something and find success, they usually have to find some type of motivation to help them, but it is also usually a good motivation, not a bad one. The motivation that is behind Dimna is also one that is for bad reasons and his morals create hatred from people like Kalila. The outcomes that are seen at the end with the encounter between King Lion and Shanzabeh are gruesome, but…

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  • Numskull And The Rabbit Analysis

    The “Panchatantra” is a book that was written to originally teach princes how to rule their kingdom and how they should live. In the “Panchatantra” the story of the “Numskull and the Rabbit” is a story to teach princes several lessons. One lesson that might be taken from this story is that it is wiser to defend a fortress than to attack it. Another lesson is that someone does not have to be strong to defeat their opponent. In this story a lion is the strongest in the forest and would go on…

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  • A Tiger For Malgudi Summary

    Anderson who are the celebrated writers on the Jungle theme. Raja is a real tiger in a real place. It is a recognizable environment of Malgudi and so makes the story a credible one. Narayan’s novels and stories have over the decades established Malgudi as a familiarity and security goes a very long way to make the improbable elements in the story imaginatively acceptable to the readers. Of course, a sensitive reader of the novel may be expected to suspend his disbelief and respond to the story…

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  • Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

    the responsibility of every citizen to create a better society. Subhashitas provide all the ingredients required for recipe of creating a model society. It depends on how individuals makes use of these ingredients and create a better society which intern creates a better world. 8. References Journals: Pramod, D . “Subhashitas: Metaphysical Thoughts (Part 1)”, Scientific GOD Journal. Jan 2016, Vol-7, Issue 1, pp 43-47. Websites: [1] Samskrutam Studies. Web. 25 Feb. 2016. [2] Web.…

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  • The Role Of Choices In Cupid And Psyche

    Humans being creatures of amenity, they do not tend to lean towards explanations which they do not fully understand or that favors concepts that do not give control to the self. In stories like Cupid and Psyche fate, which is linked to religion, is used to explain the concepts of this theory. “Psyche was not naturally either very strong or very brave, but the cruel power of fate made a virago of her” (Apuleius, 117). Yes, it is true that the outcome and all the actions would be the same no…

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  • The History Of Fairy Tales

    fairy tales are harmless and fun stories, many of the people in earlier times did not think so, such as the puritans. The Puritans did not like fairy tales. As a matter of fact, they considered them to be somehow substandard but, none the less, during the 18th century fairy tales were moved to the stage. That is just a bit of background on the earlier fairy tales. Now focus on some of the actual fairy tales that were told at that time. In England, one of the earliest known fairy tales was…

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