Kalila And Dimna Character Analysis

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Every person that comes crawling into this world will at some point have a purpose that can hopefully be both successful and benefiting towards the rest of existence. Being a successful person does though take time, but if we are committed, then it should not matter because we know the end product will be what we want. Now the one thing about success is that it can either be for the good or the bad. We would think that everyone is trying to be successful for good reason, but in Kalila and Dimna, there we find examples of deceitfulness and bad success. Dimna is the one that takes things into his own hands and decides that he wants to have some fun and see bad things happen. All the different stories that are told within the time frame of Dimna talking to King Lion through Kalila being enraged at Dimna are fascinating, but the plan that Dimna has from the start is evil. The strategy that he goes to deceiving King Lion and Shanzabeh would be something …show more content…
King Lion is very respectable and has shown to care and listen to what Dimna has to say. This is the start of Dimna 's strategy by getting King Lion to focus on just what he has to say and believe in him as well. The small stories that Dimna would tell did keep King Lion intrigued in what could happen to him. While I was reading the first few stories, I did really think that King Lion was going to be the innocent one that would get attacked by Shanzabeh and so I guess that shows Dimna does a good job. The strategy of this insane jackal was first to keep King Lion focused, then to insist that Shanzabeh was talking to other animals about overruling him and in the end killing him. King Lion has now been persuaded enough to where he decides that he should be on guard of Shanzabeh attacking him. Even though he has been persuaded, he just has that feeling that Shanzabeh will not do anything because they are great friends and would never want to hurt each

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