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  • China Human Rights Essay

    Chinese officials seek to squash dissent and assimilate Tibetan culture into mainland ideals. Since 2009, according to the International Campaign for Tibet, more than 130 Tibetan citizens have set themselves on fire to protest their treatment by Chinese authorities (International Campaign for Tibet). In fact, the Chinese government has outlined a policy position specific to the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama and other high ranking Tibetan Buddhist religious figures, re-asserting that the right to determine who will take over as successor when a Lama dies lies with the government. This demonstrates that as recently as last year, the Chinese government stands by their actions from 1989, when they controlled the installation of a Lama in the Tibetan Buddhist religion. The Chinese Government overruled the Dalai Lama’s choice of successor for the Panchen Lama, the second-highest Tibetan authority. The government selected a different successor to the role of Panchen Lama, and the originally appointed successor has not been seen since. In 2013, only two national leaders met with the Dalai Lama after Chinese officials pressured foreign governments not to meet with him, threatening diplomatic and trade consequences if ignored (Osnos). These actions clearly indicate that China has made no steps or progress toward protecting the rights of oppressed Tibetans. Another area in which China’s policies infringe on the minority is in the area of homosexuality and gay rights. While Chinese…

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  • Dalai Lama The Ethics Of Compassion

    In “The Ethics of Compassion”, The Dalai Lama explains how we should strive for fulfillment of having compassion towards everyone and not just the people closest to us. The Dalai Lama himself has not accomplished such a task, “Most people, including myself, must struggle even to reach the point where putting others’ interests on a par with our own becomes easy” (Dalai Lama). It takes time to be able to have compassion towards people you don’t even know, but it must be understood that everyone…

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  • Process Essay: The Definition Of Happiness

    background of a desire, there are negative qualities that might spring up when it involves society and the government as well. Hypothetically, there are two sides to one 's desire, the good and bad, or from a modern government perspective, legal and illegal. According to the interview titled "Inner Contentment", made by Howard C. Cutler, the Dalai Lama acknowledges desires and separates it into one with a peaceful vibe and another with destructive twist lodged inside its roots (792). "Peace and…

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  • Dalai Lama's Failure Of The Tulku System

    The tulku system will probably not survive because the Dalai Lama has far less influence than he used to have. This is primarily the result of the People’s Republic of China’s aggressive political maneuverings in Tibet and the resulting weakened state of Tibetan Buddhist culture. The current Dalai Lamai cannot even fully act as head of the Tibetan state because of the state’s fragmentation and his exile. The People’s Republic of China has caused irreversible damage to the tulku system. By…

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  • Genetic Engineering In The Dalai Lama

    Genetic Engineering is the modification of an organism 's genetic composition by artificial means, often involving the transfer of specific traits, or genes, from one organism into a plant or animal of an entirely different species. With this new, rapidly growing, technology we are now able to do things that we once thought were impossible. In Ethics and the New Genetics, the Dalai Lama addresses problems that we need to consider as we continue to explore this microscopic world that we have…

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  • Dalai Lama The Impact Of Buddhism On Society

    the ‘Dalai Lama’ the manifestation of the Bodhisattva of Compassion a central figure who has made social, cultural and scriptual impacts in the Buddhist society. In the same way a crucial aspect of Buddhism is the understandings towards its stance on ethical teachings and the personal responsibility…

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  • Hilton's 'Onc Once On The Ground'

    The adventure begins on a plane, flying over the clouds and the Himalayas. As the passengers admired the view, Eric was thinking about somewhere else. His thought of navigating in 1933 in a beautiful paradise have referred to in James Hilton’s book where he called it Shangri-La, a utopian world separate from us and where only lucky souls can go. Some of these wanted to leave it, but Conway, a character with whom Eric relates and envies, didn’t. Eric Weiner lived in India in the 1990s as he was…

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  • Analysis: The Sources Of Happiness

    Jordan Mckenzie” by Stu Horsfield goes into both factual and optional depth of true happiness and what kinds of factors play into it. This article, in many ways, combines and goes further into what the first two article that we have read, which were “The Sources of Happiness” by the Dalai Lama and Cutler and “We have No Right to Happiness” by C.S. Lewis. But with this article, as I have mentioned before, goes deep into the source of it all: where it lies in our minds and our everyday daily…

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  • Community Project

    couple of bottles, I thought this is dumb. Even if I do make a change right now, it won’t remain the same regardless of what I do. Then I remembered that, nothing in the world is easy, you have to initiate something in order for something to happen. So I was picking up the waste, I was surprised with how many random types of bottles I was able to find, plus some food cans. I then took the bottles home, and double wrapped it in plastic bag, so I could take it home and think eventually what I…

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  • Lessons Learned While Playing Team Sports

    advantages can transfer from skills athletes learned while playing team sports to ‘happiness’ or a state of ‘well-being’ in their lives by increasing both the physical and mental health of the athletes. Several questions must be examined in order to answer the questions ‘What techniques do people adopt that make them functional and happy in their jobs, family roles, community roles, etc.?’ and does participation in team sports in high school and college train athletes with skills that can…

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