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  • Situation Analysis: The Celtics

    best season since the post “Big Three” era and according to Vegas odds they are expected to be the second best team in the East with fifty-one wins. A lot of commentators of the NBA would have you believe that they are in an enviable position with their stockpile of draft picks and young players. The signing of Al Horford seems to be a turning point in the rebuilding of the Celtics by acquiring the four time NBA all-star they finally added some legitimacy to their title hopes. But there are still a lot of questions for the Celtics throughout the season. Although I think most people would agree that the signing of Al Horford was good it could end up have some unforeseen consequences. Horford is a thirty-year-old…

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  • Essay On Why Nba Players Should Not Go To College

    Over the years, statistics have shown that NBA players who go to college tend to avoid bankruptcy just as frequently as those who go straight to the NBA from high school. [MC(1)] Along with this, findings also show that players should have to go through at least two years of college. The reasoning behind this is so that the players are intelligent enough to take care of their money. These two years of college could perhaps allow these athletes to make smart, sound choices with their life and…

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  • The Vietnam War: The Students For Democracy Society

    enrollment hit an all-time high (Higher Education Act). With college enrollment on the rise with students from a variety of different backgrounds, new student groups were formed. Thus making college students some of the most concerned as well as most influential individuals throughout the 1960’s. With student enrollment rising, institutions often tried to restrict student behavior. This prompted many college students became active in causes that promoted free speech. as well as joining the…

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  • The Controversies Of The Vietnam War

    When one thinks about America’s history of conflict, the Vietnam War is extremely likely to come to mind due to the fact that it has claimed the spot of the nation’s longest war. It may also suggest itself because it is the only foreign war in our nation’s history that ended in a defeat for the United States, making it somewhat unpopular among the nation. What one may not consider, however, are the hardships, controversies, and the lives of the people, both the soldiers and the families they…

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  • Caught In The Draft Essay

    NEED TO CONVERT PAGE NUMBERS I chose “Caught in the Draft: The Effects of Vietnam Draft Lottery Status on Political Attitudes” by Robert Erikson and Laura Stoker for my journal article memorandum. This article featured in The American Political Science Review in May of 2011. I chose this article for two major reasons with the first being my passion for military history and specifically the intricacies of the Vietnam War. However, the second and much more important reason is the uniqueness of…

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  • Vietnam War Effects

    Effects of the Vietnam War The Vietnam War induced the United States Congress to terminate the use of the military draft with an all-volunteer force, as a result of the negative effects of the draft on many young Americans. The way people viewed the United States involvement in the war also determined how many felt about the draft, to conclude with the idea that not all soldiers in the war were drafted, furthermore, some soldiers volunteered. In the book The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien,…

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  • The Great Wall Research Paper

    Great Wall”. Yao Ming is a basketball player from China who played for the Houston Rockets, reaches 7’6” tall, dominated the NBA during his short eight season career, and was named “The Great Wall” because of his size and his talent. Finally having a promising Asian player in the NBA, a lot of Asians, and especially Chinese people hopped onto the bandwagon and supported him. So even though Yao had to move to a new country where he couldn’t even communicate with his team due to a language…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Basketball Team

    headed towards the hoop. As the ball neared its highest point, the shot clock went off, and the shrill buzzer pierced through the silence. Everyone in that arena was focused on one thing: the basketball, and where it would end up. It was June of 2014, and I had just learned that in October, Wells Fargo would be hosting an NBA preseason game. This was pretty special, because I had never been to an NBA game before and was really excited to go. My dad, even though he would never show it, was…

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  • Coachup Rhetorical Analysis Essay

    Golden State Warriors, is the spokesperson for a one-on-one coaching company CoachUp. The most recent commercial advertisement to come out by CoachUp has Stephen Curry reading his scouting report from the 2009 NBA Draft. His readings are about how he will not be a dominant athlete in the NBA. The advertisement takes place in a dark gym with Stephen and one other person. His recent success has propelled him to the top of the NBA. Stephen Curry appeals to many young athletes, especially those who…

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  • Stephen Durant Character Analysis

    Durant is a College student and has a dream to be in the NBA. Although he doesn't know if he will get drafted to the NBA. He worries that he is not tall enough, not strong enough, and not fast enough. So, this off-season, Stephen plans to work harder than he ever has. He then hires a personal trainer to help him with his weaknesses. The hiring of the personal trainer was hard for him cause he didn't have much money. He used up his money the other day helping homeless men move into his new…

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