Situation Analysis: The Celtics

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The Celtics are poised for their best season since the post “Big Three” era and according to Vegas odds they are expected to be the second best team in the East with fifty-one wins. A lot of commentators of the NBA would have you believe that they are in an enviable position with their stockpile of draft picks and young players. The signing of Al Horford seems to be a turning point in the rebuilding of the Celtics by acquiring the four time NBA all-star they finally added some legitimacy to their title hopes. But there are still a lot of questions for the Celtics throughout the season. Although I think most people would agree that the signing of Al Horford was good it could end up have some unforeseen consequences. Horford is a thirty-year-old …show more content…
In the Previous draft they drafted a player who I was very high on but the fans seemed to not have such an idealistic view of the third pick Jaylen Brown. Brown is an athletic freak who can shut down a player on defense and run in transition to get a dunk on the other end. He reminds me a lot of a young Jimmy Butler because of his athleticism, defense, and lack of a shot. The question for the Celtics is what should they do with this stockpile? Well they haven’t been able to acquire that elusive superstar that Celtics fans so vehemently covet. But I think taking the route of building through the draft is the best option. The Celtics have the potential to get stars over the next two years and if they can acquire potential replacements for Horford and Thomas that would be even better. Harry Giles although a potentially dangerous pick due to knee issues could be the big man to replace Horford and Markelle Fultz the favorite to be the number one pick could end up being a star to replace Isaiah Thomas. Having these young players under the tutelage of Brad Stevens one of the best coaches in the league could end up in these players becoming superstars or at least multiple time all-stars. of The Celtics should not trade the Brooklyn picks unless they can acquire any of these players: Demarcus Cousins, Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis, Paul George, Jimmy Butler, or Blake Griffin (left out clearly untradeable

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