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  • Human Errors And Human Differences In Aviation Accident?

    Errors and violations are two main unsafe factors in air transportation. It contains three different errors: decision errors, skill-based errors, and perceptual errors. The systemic analysis about the human errors in aviation accident provides evidences that aircraft crashed can be avoided by correct decision and operation of pilots. Entry 2: Research question: “How important role pilots and crews play in aviation safety?” National Academy Press claims the interactions between pilots and…

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  • Importance Of Air Safety In Aviation

    risk involved in the aviation especially in the terms of operation and safety as internal safety of the aircraft is an inherent function of management. Modifications and improvement in safety is a continual process however there are much safety kept in the form clothing, noise control, temperature and electrical control. For the aircraft there are fabrics for fire safety and precaution like Nomex, Kevlar and PBI. For fire safety and protection at high temperature PBI is the most preferred as it…

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  • Air France 447 Case Study

    This case is about what really happened in Air France 447 and what were causes of it. After analyzing the only data available, which were cryptic set of communications, experts found out that mostly the crash happened because of human factors. The weather conditions were bad and after AF447 passed into clouds associated with a large system of thunderstorms, its speed sensors became iced over, and the autopilot disengaged. In the ensuing confusion, the pilots lost control of the airplane because…

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  • Korean Air Flight 801 Essay

    I. Introduction This investigation focuses on the accident that Korean Air Flight 801 met on August 5, 1997 on Nimitz Hill in Asan, Guam. The fatal accident involves issues on Guam Airport’s differences from other airports and the misguidance of the destination airport’s operations. The pilots did not base their tasks on the airport’s systems, they based it on their knowledge and on what they were used to. The cockpit crew’s incorrect decision, miscalculation, and reliance to wrong information…

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  • Earhart Conspiracy Theory

    Secondly, another deeply credited theory is the belief that Earhart and co-pilot Noonan were ‘Nikumaroro Castaway’s.’ It is speculated both pilots touched down on a remote South Pacific Island called Nikumaroro – now commonly known as Gardner Island. The belief stands that the Electra was running low on fuel implementing fear within the pilots as they began searching for a safe destination to refuel (Howland Island.) Unintentionally, the flight path veered towards the Southwest and they landed…

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  • Finding Amelia Earhart: A Brief Summary

    Legendary aviatrix Amelia Earhart most likely died on an uninhabited tropical island in the southwestern Pacific republic of Kiribati, according to researchers at The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR). Tall, slender, blonde and brave, Earhart disappeared while flying over the Pacific Ocean on July 2, 1937 in a record attempt to fly around the world at the equator. Her final resting place has long been a mystery. For years, Richard Gillespie, TIGHAR's executive…

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  • Seatbelt Safety

    occur due to our ignorance of incorporating seat belts in our public transportation system? Or is it the responsibility of the government to do that? Seat belts are the undisputed lifesavers when it comes to hitting the road. Automobiles and even gigantic airplanes are required to provide seat belts for protection. Somewhere in this industry, however, seat belts are undermined for their value. This happens in the public transportation system. Needless to say, people do enjoy the freedom of not…

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  • Importance Of Becoming An Architect

    Ever adored that beautiful home the neighbor sleeps in or that astonishing mansion that is owned by some famous artist or actress. Or a college most students like to attend to because it’s such a big and incredible place to be. Well it takes one person to use all their imagination and all sorts of abilities to design those buildings, schools or homes that catch everyone’s attention. Well that one person happens to become an architect. An architect is the one responsible for the remarkable places…

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  • Evolution In The Workplace Research Paper

    Society has evolved over the last century causing organizations to change with the times; shifts such as these, have required workers to "re-tool" to be a productive and indispensable member of the workforce. With change comes implications, not only for the workforce, but also for Human Resource (HR) managers. “Today, people of color, women, and immigrants account for nearly 85 percent of our labor force” (DeCenzo, Robbins, & Verhulst, 2013). What we have today is not what we had over one…

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  • Electromation V Nlff Case Study

    NLRA (Reed and Bogardus, 2012). In the time after the Electromation case, establishments and groups representing employers ' interests, saw the NLRB’s decision as pushing workplace cooperative efforts in danger of being eliminated. Advocates of the Board 's decision felt as if the rules were making it practically impossible for companies to continue experimentation with workplace cooperative efforts. These opponents accused the NLRB of introducing an ambiguous and uncertain question of how…

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