Metabolic syndrome

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  • Down's Syndrome

    “Down syndrome is found in 1 out of 800 births in the United States of America. 90 percent of people with Down’s syndrome live over the age of 5 years old. The occurrence of Down’s syndrome in young children to young adults was 1 in 971.”(American Academy of Pediatrics, 2009). Around half of children with Down’s syndrome have congenital heart defects and this disorder increases the risk of having leukemia. The risk of a child having Down’s syndrome increases after the age of 35 in mothers.…

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  • Stereotypes In Mean Girls

    When Ruth designed Barbie, she almost wanted her to be perfect, both physically and in lifestyle. In Barbie 's days of development and character production there were factors that affected how the doll was going to look to portray a certain life. Although they are seen as little things, Ruth wanted the doll to be an image to guide girls to adulthood. Those factors were that “the doll would be pretty, but not to the point the girl feels insecure. [Ruth] thought of the doll as a teen fashion model…

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  • The Importance Of Intellectual Disability

    Intellectual disability is a title given to people with diminished ability to understand new or complicated information and to master new techniques (WHO,2018). People with intellectual disabilities are diagnosed as children and have IQ’s under 70 (Health Victoria, 2016). They can fall anywhere on the spectrum, from moderately disabled to profoundly disabled (Health Victoria, 2016).. Those with Intellectual disabilities have higher mortality rates and shorter life expectancy than those without…

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  • Social Diagnosis Of Autism

    Although society as a whole has made some progress from when autism was first discovered in the 1940’s, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is still very much stigmatized in the 21st century. The social stigma of ASD is complicated, and varies depending on what country is in question, but scientists and parents all agree that the diagnosis and label of autism does invite stigma, prejudice, and the loss of the feeling of normalcy. According to Martin (2013), prominent features of ASD include…

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  • Write An Essay On A Child With Autism

    Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a group of neural developmental disabilities that can cause impair social interactions, communication, and restrict and repetitive behavior challenge. I chose this topic because during work last summer there was a young boy with autism in my group. When his mother talked to me to let me know of his condition I was unaware of what it was so she gave me a brief description of the disorder. Even though his mother told me about the disorder I would have never…

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  • Personal Code Of Ethics As A Disability Support Professional

    Personal Values and Attitudes Every person is unique and has a different set of personal values, attitudes and beliefs that shaped their way of living. As a Disability Support Professional (DSP), I am going to support individuals with mental, physical and intellectual disabilities, who may have a different set of values and beliefs as compared to my values and beliefs. As a DSP, I should keep in mind that the person I am going to support has his/her own values and beliefs and I should respect…

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  • Down Syndrome

    Down syndrome affects 1 in every 691 births, a condition sometimes called trisomy 21, where a child inherits an extra copy of chromosome 21. Children born with Down syndrome have distinctive features such as: weak muscle tone, a small mouth held partially open because it is not big enough to accommodate for the tongue, and distinguishing eyelids. More serious deficiencies comprise of low resistance to infectious diseases, heart abnormalities, and fluctuating levels of mental retardation, in most…

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  • Symophysiology Of Autism

    The medical definition of autism, as listed by Heward (2006), is that it is a neurobehavioral syndrome that consists of impairments of social interaction, communication, and restricted repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behavior. Autism was first used to describe children in 1943 by psychiatrist Leo Kanner at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. According to Kanner’s case reports, 11 children displayed behaviors that were completely different from any other behavior that had been…

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  • Down Syndrome In Children

    development can cause Down syndrome also called Downs Syndrome named from John Langdon Down, an English Physician, who wrote about it in 1866. A child born with this defect has an extra or abnormal chromosome 21.this changes the way the body and brain develops, and depends on the type of down syndrome and how may cell shave an abnormal chromosome 21. Experts believe that changes often occur before conception in the woman’s egg and less of ten in the sperm. The type of Down syndrome called…

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  • Adaptive Behavioral Intervention Case Study

    The PDD Behavioral Intervention was designed by the psychologist Cohen, Ira L. in 1999, to specifically target the ramifications of the maladaptive and adaptive behavior affecting the autistic population. This psychological test is intended to help identify unnoticeable symptoms that hinders the developmental growth in children. The test is a 30 to 45 minutes assessment completed by teachers and parents regarding the language, social and cognitive skills of children with PDD (Cohen, 2003). In…

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