Metabolic syndrome

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  • Effects Of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

    fifty infants is born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is an inherited syndrome that results from the mother consuming too much alcohol during pregnancy. There are many issues that result from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which include a smaller head size and behavioral problems. There are also significant stories from people living with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome that explain how this syndrome effects their everyday lives. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is the leading known preventable cause…

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  • Summary: The Growing Concussion Dilemma

    The Growing Concussion Dilemma Never did the parents of Freddy Mendoza, a young seventeen year-old football player from California, would die a couple days later after collapsing from a tackle that had previously “knocked him out of a 1991 game” the week prior (Carroll and Rosner 16). Concussions should not be taken lightly and are very serious because it affects the way the brain functions. Considering the amount of people who suffer from concussions each year, many do not know the definition,…

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  • Recovered Memory Therapy

    memories are recalled. It does not matter how memories are recalled, they still believe to be accurate. Certain techniques are used to recreate what appears to be memories, although they may be unrelated to the actual events from the past. False memory syndrome is a condition where a person “has a memory” of a traumatic experience that has not happened, yet they strongly believe in it. This can happen if recover memory therapy is uses techniques such as guided imagery, hypnosis, group pressure,…

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  • False Memory

    false memories because it reinforces the fact that an individual’s age affects the creation of false memories. After researching false memory with Del Prete for this article, Mirandola was intrigued and eager to discover more about the false memory syndrome phenomenon; she decided to continue researching false memory as part of her post-doc…

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  • Morrison And Shaffer Analysis

    In this research article Morrison and Shaffer explain the process of a fertilized egg’s journey in ordinary biological reproduction. The main focus is after around six days of conception where the zygote’s nutrients begin to deplete. Thus, the hole that was created by the zygote releasing an enzyme is used as a pathway for the zygote to connect to the mother’s bloodstream by utilizing tendrils and around fourteen days the egg has implanted itself (Morrison & Shaffer). The egg does this in order…

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  • Genetics And Sexual Preference Essay

    Persons with this syndrome develop testes that produce normal or above normal male quantities of testosterone, but they lack androgen receptor sites to bind to the hormone in a normal way. The degree to which the syndrome is manifested depends on the quality and quantity of the available receptor sites. In the most extreme cases (called complete androgen insensitivity)…

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  • Modality In Substance Abuse Essay

    Alcohol is one of the most common known drugs that people commonly abuse in the United States today. Throughout this paper, the team will outline the treatment modalities that can be used during treatment and the demographics of the population abusing and going through treatment. Treatment is necessary to beat this addiction and to encourage abusers to enter rehabilitation center one must understand what can be done and what steps need to be taken. Finally, this paper shows what happens when…

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  • Does The Internet Affect Mental Health?

    affecting multiple body systems including the ophthalmology system, the nervous system, and the musculoskeletal system just to name a few. As the technology revolution as prevailed there has been a notable increase in the diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel syndrome. The prevalence of electrophysiologically confirmed CTS has been measured as generally higher for those in a computer working population than those that are not (Dale…

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  • Carpal Tunnel Research Paper

    Healing Hands: 7 Helpful Ways To Curb Carpal Tunnel Symptoms Whether you're wrapping presents, changing a diaper, clicking away at the keyboard or simply trying to get a sound night's sleep, carpal tunnel symptoms can really cramp your style. Here are seven ways to heal your aching hands and get back to a relatively pain-free life. 1. Relax! Ever notice how tightly some people grip a pen or pencil between their fingers? That type of death grip puts a lot of pressure on all the muscles and…

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  • How To Prevent Concussions In Sports

    Concussions in sports are the most common head injury. It is also extreme when they occur in Youth Sports. They take place in a variety of sports too. How they occur and the symptoms, the grades/levels of concussions there are, and what people are doing to prevent the rapid increase of concussions each day are just three of many questions most people don’t know how to answer correctly. This head injury takes place by a violent blow or shaking of the head. They’re extremely common in contact…

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