Mesolimbic pathway

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  • The Pain Receptors Are Called Nociceptors

    6. What is the mechanisms of the acupuncture? In other words, what parts of CNS activated and/or deactivated? (2pts) 1) Acupuncture activates structures of descending anti-nociceptive pathway and 2) deactivates multiple limbic area subserving pain association. 7. What is the effects of opiates and opioids on nociceptor signal transmission? (2pts) Opiates 1) decrease the duration of the postsynaptic potential, probably by reducing 〖Ca〗^(2+)…

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  • Significant Life Event Essay

    This essay will explore the efficacy of organisational policies in providing support for individuals who are affected by a significant life event. It will explore how others deal and respond to significant life events. The suitability of external sources who providing support will be evaluated. The own personal contribution during supporting an individual who experiences a significant life event will be analysed in the form of a reflection. Recommendation through improvement of support which is…

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  • The Human Body: The Peripheral Nervous System

    Dividing its negative effects into the 3 pathways, “damage to the mesotriatal pathway can lead to movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease” where we lose all voluntary motor control and have symptoms such as muscle spasms and difficulty with moving our limbs (Blumenfeld, 2010). The second pathway is the mesolimbic pathway, where if problems arise in the mesolimbic pathway, it “can lead to positive schizophrenic symptoms such as delusions or hallucinations”…

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  • Schizophrenia Case Study Assignment

    Schizophrenia Assignment This essay will be focused on a mental illness known as Schizophrenia, which Jonathon is experiencing in the Case Study. It will outline its symptoms, the brain structures of Schizophrenic patients, how neurochemistry may be a possible causative factor in it and how medication can affect the brain structure and neurochemistry to manage symptoms in diagnoses of Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a serious chronic mental disorder which is described chiefly by defalcation in…

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  • Neuroplasticity Case Study

    Introduction 1. Neuroplasticity in general Neuroplasticity is defined as changes in neuron circuits resulting from experience. The brain can be seen as a network of neurons as neurons are connected by thousands of synapses. Our brains make and break the connections between neurons in response to outside stimulation and this action gives us unlimited potential to change both structurally and functionally. For example, the size of the structure in our brains might change because of some outside…

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  • Hypothalamus Case Study

    More desirable foods act as natural stimulates that increase the quantity of food a person would eat, foods that generally are high in saturated fats and salt. The signal response from eating the food stimulates the mesolimbic dopamine pathway. The theory suggests that foods that are more desirable, cause stimulation from senses such as smell and sight which cause orexin neurons to activate and release dopamine into the preoptic area of the hypothalamus (POA), the nucleus accumbens…

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  • Effects Of Internet Gaming

    One of the first studies that looked at the effects of gaming on the dopaminergic pathway was a study by Koepp and colleagues (1998) that took positron emission topography (PET) scans of eight male participants while they were playing a video game. The authors found that there were greater dopamine increases in the ventral striatum (where the NAc is located) in the experimental condition (playing the video game) than in the control condition (looking at an empty screen). Furthermore, while…

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  • Sociogenic Hypothesis

    An individual with schizophrenia usually displays three kinds of symptoms. First, positive symptoms are best explained as excesses in perception. To elaborate, positive symptoms include delusions and hallucinations. Delusions are maintained ideas or beliefs regardless of the fact that evidence has proven them to be false. Specifically, delusions can include the belief that your own thoughts are being controlled or even inserted into your brain by an external force. Other common delusions of…

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  • Overview Of Schizophrenia Case Study

    Schizophrenia Overview of Schizophrenia Schizophrenia is one of the challenging mental disorders that affect the way individuals think clearly, distinguish between real and unreal, manage emotions, relate to people, and function normally. Although this does not mean that a patient suffering from Schizophrenia may not live usual life. Many of Schizophrenia patients find themselves in lifelong problems due to ignorance (Kisch, 2008). Scientific studies show that although most cases of…

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  • The Effects Of Cocaine Addiction

    2013, Keller et al. 1996). Repeated cocaine use often leads to dependence because the extraneous dopamine effects the mesolimbic reward pathway in the brain. In particular, the increased dopamine levels effect the nucleus accumbens region of the brain and produces the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction (Frank et al. 2011). The limbic system also contains the hippocampus and the…

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