Maxwell's equations

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  • Quadratic Functions Essay

    functions, otherwise the equation will not be able to solve. An important rule to understand when deriving the quadratic formula by completing the square, is that the leading term must equal to “1”. On the other hand, if the leading term does not equal to “1”, one will have to factor the equation by dividing each term by the leading term. The quadratic equation must start as the following: 〖ax〗^2+bx+c=0. Next, the constant number is to be moved to the other side of the equation. Another…

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  • Interstellar Consequences In The Cold Equation

    in which the vessel will travel. They take no time to consider that an unforeseen variable could spiral into the equation. The algorithm developed to produce their answer leaves no room for error, after-all it is a formula birthed by the forces that keep planets spinning and maintain gravitational pressure, human hands cannot alter the design of such a thing. The product of the equation is exact. There are never miscalculations, only misconceptions about what the answer should have been made…

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  • Limiting Reactant In A Chemical Equation

    In a chemical equation, there are the reactants, which is the part that is changed, and the products, which is what is left over. The reactant side and the product side must have the same quantity of each element. If they do not, the equation must be balanced by using coefficients. Mole ratios can be found by using these coefficients. Mole ratios are conversion factors and can be used to found the amounts of the reactants and the products in a chemical reaction. These can also be used to find…

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  • Teaching Thinking By Peter Elbow's A Way Of Writing Processing At The Same Time

    The writing process is both complex and interesting at the same time. There are many ways to write and the process is different for everyone. In this essay, I will explain my found writing process and analyze my process alongside Peter Elbow’s Teaching Thinking by Teaching Writing, Alvarez’s Writing Matters, and Stafford’s A Way of Writing. My first step in writing begins with choosing the right location. Usually I choose my office or bedroom, but sometimes when I stick to a routine, I become…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Radio Astronomy

    to come in contact or find proof? This lack of contact is sometimes referred to as “The Great Silence.” Many have tried to come up with solutions to this paradox and some of them definitely seem plausible. One of the obvious ones is that the Drake Equation is completely wrong. However, one of the bigger theories out there is known as “The Great…

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  • Cumnox Reaction Lab Report

    3.2 Effects of particle size The particle size of the catalyst was highly influenced on the reaction rate, when the particle size of the catalyst was decreased, therefore their surface areas was increased and the ratio of catalyst surface and reactant volume was playing a crucial role for controlling the reaction kinetics. The reaction was takes place on the surface of a substance, increasing the surface area should increases the quantity of the substance that is available to react, and will…

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  • 4.2 Explain The Eva-Adam Process

    4.2 Resources CO2 Fig.1 depicts the principle of chemical energy transmission system. Fig.2 explain the Eva-Adam process. 5. Thermodynamics of CO2 reforming of methane It is essential to understand the thermodynamic of CDRM represents as follow: CH_4+CO_2 □(→) 2CO+〖2H〗_2 ∆H_298=247 KJ⁄(mol ) (1) ∆G^o=61770-67.32 T This reaction above is highly endothermic which is favored by low pressure but, requires a higher temperature. A reverse…

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  • Black-Scholes Pricing Theory Analysis

    investors will not pay for risk premiums, and defined by following stochastic differential equations: (1) (2) Where: S(t) represents the price process of an underlying assets. V(t) is the variance of the corresponding instantaneous returns. And the initial condition S(0), V(0) should be strictly positive. r is the risk-free return rate (non-negative…

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  • Aspects And 2.2 Interpretation Of Regression Model Interpretation of Regression Model The above equation can be written as D ∝ P^0.058/(V^(-0.117) 〖D_b〗^(-0.133) ) By observing the above equation we can say that the LAZ Depth is directly proportional to the Laser Power and inversely proportional to the Scan Velocity and Beam diameter. The observations of the model can be summarized as below: As Laser Power increases the LAZ Depth of workpiece surface will also increase. This is because the heat input to the workpiece is increasing…

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  • Lab Report Essay

    Results and discussion 4.1 Material removal rate The material removed from each coupon was determined by measuring its mass before and after electro-polishing. Theoretical values were then obtained using Faraday’s laws of electrolysis as shown in Equation 9. (9) Where m is the mass of material removed in grams, I is the current and t is the electro-polishing time. EW is the equivalent weight which depends on the chemical composition of…

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