Maxwell's equations

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  • Fermi Paradox: Are We Alone In Our Universe?

    could easily colonize the galaxy. Nevertheless, with no physical relics, chemical traces, or biological influences suggest the existence of any alternate life form, many may assume that there is not intelligent life beyond Earth. Beyond the Drake Equation and much speculation from the scientific world, no evidence suggests that extraterrestrials have visited Earth or have attempted communication. Without any evidence, accordingly, scientists assume that the resolution of the Fermi Paradox must…

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  • Nernst Equation Lab Report

    rusticus crayfish abdominal muscles, and we ask whether or not the Nernst Equation solely based on [K+] can also predict the cell’s resting membrane potential. We predicted that [K+] concentration had a significant influence on the membrane potential and thus the Nernst Equation was an accurate predictor of the observed Vm changes. Our results indicate that our hypothesis was incorrect- the results indicate that the Nernst equation calculations did not correspond with the observed resting…

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  • Romeo And Juliet Act 1 Scene 3 Scene Analysis

    All the scenes in the play were short and barely any characters were called by name. They also did not go in order of the pamphlet that spells “Shakespeare.” Throughout my paper, I try to describe each scene to the best of my ability with the info of which play they are acting out or about just the scenes in general. The beginning of the play began with people cleaning up the stage with brooms. The three people were slouched over sweeping close together. This showed medium topography and close…

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  • Logarithm And Exponential Functions Essay

    To give an another definition of complex number, we have to show z= ew for w, where z is any non-zero complex number. If we assume w = u + iv then eueiv = |z|e^i arg z and this means that |z| = e^u , v = arg z . The equation |z| = e^u is a real equation, so we can write u = ln |z|, where ln |z| is the ordinary logarithm with positive real numbers. Hence, w = u + iv = ln |z| + i arg z = ln |z| + i(Arg z + 2n) , n = 0 , ±1 , ±2 , ±3 , . . .6 We profoundly examined the connection between…

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  • Potassium Permanganate Lab Report

    (2) through transposing Eq (2) The activation energy was found from the following equation E = 8.314 * slope (3) The activation energy values were later used for computing the pre-exponential factors (A) by equation (1). In the meantime, activation energies (Ea) for these energetic compounds were calculated by the Ozawa method. The Ozawa equation according to ASTM E698 is equal to the following…

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  • Cesium-137 Effect On Half Life

    A rate law is an equation used to determine how much the concentrations of solutions will change as times goes on. In this experiment, the rate changed based on the five degree Celsius temperature change and concentration change in three different reactions. In this lab,…

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  • Extracellular Potassium Experiment

    Dulhunty (1977) also found that the extracellular potassium and chloride concentrations could affect the membrane potential in such a way that could be modelled by the GHK equation, depending on the concentration of chloride intracellularly. These results also support the hypothesis and results that the GHK equation, which accounts for the permeability and concentration of several ions across the membrane, may provide a good model for predicting the membrane potential…

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  • Rate Of Reaction

    Introduction This extended experimental investigation (EEI) investigated the effect in which concentration had on the rate of reaction. The purpose of this experiment is to test different concentrations of hydrochloric acid with sodium thiosulfate and to see how long it would take until the cross underneath the flask is no longer visible through the milky white solution. Collision theory A collision is when two or more object run into each other. But collision theory is, that only some…

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  • Reaction Rate Lab Report

    The rate at which a reaction occurs, referred to as reaction rate, is a type of reaction property that directly measures the extent of a reaction. Changes in concentration affect reaction rates in chemical formulas, and if the reaction is not specifically known, the rate cannot be determined. The rates are given in negative or positive measurements depending on whether the concentration is a reactant or product. Knowing this, the first step in finding the reaction rate would be to determine the…

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  • Pt1420 Unit 1 Essay

    root is a complex number? Answer: If the equation is 7th degree then it has 7 roots. Those roots can be complex or real. Complex roots always come in pairs, so if it has one, then it has 2, the other one being the conjugate of the first one. This in other words, if one complex root is a + bi, then the other complex root is a – bi. If at least one root were complex, then we would have a minimum of 2 complex roots with a maximum of 5 real roots. The equation can have at most 6 complex roots (3…

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