Maxwell's equations

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  • Personal Finance Tool

    CFO Tool 3 & 4 Whoever you are, and whatever income or debt you have, I think it is important to try to think of yourself like a business entity. Like a business you will have income and expenses. A balance sheet and an income statement tell a business what they are worth, defines income and spending, and also helps the firm set and measure goals. Both of these tools are useful for long term planning. A business is often measured by profits, and your budget is the same way. Since the…

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  • Quadratic Functions Essay

    functions, otherwise the equation will not be able to solve. An important rule to understand when deriving the quadratic formula by completing the square, is that the leading term must equal to “1”. On the other hand, if the leading term does not equal to “1”, one will have to factor the equation by dividing each term by the leading term. The quadratic equation must start as the following: 〖ax〗^2+bx+c=0. Next, the constant number is to be moved to the other side of the equation. Another…

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  • Interstellar Consequences In The Cold Equation

    in which the vessel will travel. They take no time to consider that an unforeseen variable could spiral into the equation. The algorithm developed to produce their answer leaves no room for error, after-all it is a formula birthed by the forces that keep planets spinning and maintain gravitational pressure, human hands cannot alter the design of such a thing. The product of the equation is exact. There are never miscalculations, only misconceptions about what the answer should have been made…

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  • Limiting Reactant In A Chemical Equation

    In a chemical equation, there are the reactants, which is the part that is changed, and the products, which is what is left over. The reactant side and the product side must have the same quantity of each element. If they do not, the equation must be balanced by using coefficients. Mole ratios can be found by using these coefficients. Mole ratios are conversion factors and can be used to found the amounts of the reactants and the products in a chemical reaction. These can also be used to find…

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  • Pseudo-First-Order Kinetics Lab Report

    concentration of the the crystal violet and hydroxide ions. Using the integrated kinetics method, the rate law can be calculated for single reactant when converted to products, as well as the value of the rate constant, K, by the integrated rate law equations: Zero Order: First Order:…

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  • What Is Square Shaped Structure Analysis

    Title: Application of Self-Organization Neural Network Technique (SOM) to Optimize Finite- Element Partial Differential Equation (PDEs) Results in Square-Shaped Structures Analysis. The finite-element method (FEM) is a computationally method for solving partial differential equations (PDEs) with specific boundary conditions over a domain. When we applying the FEM to a domain, it has to divide to a finite number of elements and nodes. The collections of the elements and nodes form the…

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  • Business Math

    Business Math was first put into practice by industry leaders, George Dantzig and Harold Kuhn, in the 1950’s. Business Mathematics is important in everyday life because not only does it help companies and organizations record and manage business related operations but it is also helpful for companies and organizations to make data driven decisions that ultimately relate to logistics, supply chains and warehousing. Business math differs from other types of math’s because it consists of more…

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  • Ex-Touch Triangle Essay

    If R and r is the Circumradius and Inradius of a non-degenerate triangle then due to Euler we have an Inequality stated as and the equality holds when the triangle is equilateral. This ubiquitous inequality occurs in the literature in many different equivalent forms [4] and also Many other different simple approaches for proving this inequality are known. (some of them can be found in [2], [3], [5], [17], and [18] ). In this article we present a proof for this Inequality based on two basic…

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  • Maxwell And Faraday Research Paper

    current through the wire. He noticed that the needle of compass moved when current was passing through the wire. André Ampère was greatly inspired by Oersted’s findings and worked on it to create a mathematical formula that later became Maxwell’s fourth equation of electromagnetism in the year 1821. (Peters, 2000) Around the…

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  • Relationship Between Fluid And Newtonian Fluid

    Energy equation Equation of energy for an electrically conducting, viscous incompressible fluid is ρC_P [∂T/∂t+(q ̅.∇)T]=K∇^2 T+μ(1+1/γ) (1.3) where =2[(∂u/∂x)^2+(∂v/∂y)^2+(∂w/∂z)^2 ]+(∂v/∂x+∂u/∂y)^2+(∂w/∂y+∂v/∂z)^2+(∂u/∂z+∂w/∂x)^2 is the dissipation function…

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