Maxwell's equations

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  • Pascal's Triangle Essay

    expansion in general. After that, I will introduce Jade Mirror of the Four Unknowns written by Zhu Shijie around 14th century AD. My focus will be his idea of using the “four unknowns” to convert a problem into a mathematical system of polynomial equations. Later on, I will also…

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  • Molarity Lab Report

    as the R² value is 0.9697. The hypothesis that the reaction would be first order was also supported, which can be seen in graph 2 of the results, where the natural log of the molarity was plotted against time and the trendline was linear, with the equation of ln(M) = 0.0016t + 0.1434. This is because…

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  • Fundamental Theorem Of Calculus Essay

    The fundamental theorem of Calculus: The fundamental theorem of calculus asserts the interrelated properties of integration and differentiation. It says that a function when differentiated, can be brought back by integrating (anti-derivative) or a function when integrated, can be brought back by differentiation. First theorem: Let f be a function that is integrable on [a,x] for each x in [a,b], then let c be such that a≤c≤b and define a new function A as follows, A(x)=∫_c^x▒f(x)dt, if a≤x≤b.…

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  • DHP Logistics And DPAS System: Case Study

    General Equipment • DHP Logistics (Frank)/ DHP Facilities (Russ Manning) o DHP confirmed that gaps exist in the DMLSS and DPAS systems. o DHA indicated that there is significant difference in asset amount for GE items (same asset on SMA books) due to purchasing and pricing of the asset. o The definition of pilferable items are component specific; whereas, SMA Navy may deem an item as pilferable and SMA Army may not deem the same item as pilferable. o Equipment in excess of the 250K…

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  • Summary Of Kids Who Die By Langston Hughes

    All types of kids will die someday no matter how hard you try to make their lives better economically; similar to the tale “Kids Who Die” by Langston Hughes. Hughes was a literary icon well known for writing about the African Americans’ experience with racism and discrimination during the 1950-1960’s. He was the leading voice of the Harlem Renaissance promoting upcoming young poets. On the other hand, he was the first black poet to support himself through his writing, according to the Poetry…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis: The Case For Alien Life By Sarah Fecht

    Who doesn’t like to count stars at night? Especially a child, when he/she looks at the sky for the first time, his/her heart gets filled with many questions. Every time they learn something new, they come up with even more and more questions. Can you recall how many times you experienced something like this when you were a child? All the questions you wondered if they were true. I can recall my experiences from the past, looking at the night sky, I always wondered if there’s someone living…

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  • Calculus: The Fundamental Theorem Of Calculus

    Fundamental Theorem of Calculus The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus evaluate an antiderivative at the upper and lower limits of integration and take the difference. This theorem is separated into two parts. The first part is called the first fundamental theorem of calculus and states that one of the antiderivatives of some function may be obtained as the integral of the function with a variable bound of integration. The second part of the theorem, called the second fundamental theorem of…

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  • Intermolecular Forces

    INTRODUCTION The trends in physical properties of organic compounds such as boiling points and melting points can be deducted from their structures, including size (molecular weight, surface area), shape and functional groups. These factors significantly influence the strength of the intermolecular forces of attraction present; and the nature and strength of intermolecular forces determine the variations in boilingpoints of organic compounds. The boiling point of a liquid is the temperature at…

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  • Quartic Function: What To Do With The Sports Car

    a quartic function can only have 4 rational/irrational zeros, 2 rational/irrational zeros and 2 complex zeros, or 4 complex zeros. I was able to find how many positive and negative zeros I had using the Descartes Rule of Signs. Using the original equation, I counted from left to right, the amount of sign changes, and that gave me number of positive real zeros. I discovered 2 positive and 2 negative real zeros using this method. Now to find the negative number, the exact same process is repeated,…

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  • What Is The Crystal Chemical Relationship Between Sio2 Or Fepo4?

    Paragraph 1 The crystal chemical relationship between quartz (SiO2) and FePO4 can be studied by putting them under a temperature range of 294K to 1073K in an attempt to study the evolution of their structures. In doing so, we would able to examine the other quartz homeotypes that emerge during high temperatures and known to show a-b transitions. This study of quartz homeotypes were essential because the new information that was gathered would aid greatly in the creation of new products and more…

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