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  • Business Math

    in the 1950’s. Business Mathematics is important in everyday life because not only does it help companies and organizations record and manage business related operations but it is also helpful for companies and organizations to make data driven decisions that ultimately relate to logistics, supply chains and warehousing. Business math differs from other types of math’s because it consists of more advanced mathematics such as matrix algebra, linear programming and mathematics of finance. Thus, it…

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  • Importance Of Math Teacher

    Math Teacher A teacher majoring in Mathematics is referred to an educator who teaches middle or high school math. It also requires them to train for classes such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry and other higher level math classes. Math teachers, also called arithmetic teachers are highly skilled in a variety of topics. Math teachers are of the jobs that require a big amount of patience as it take some students a long time to understand a concept. Math teachers should also be creative in…

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  • Scientific Method In Algebra

    Intro to Mathematics and Engineering at an American university class is very significant, for it can help you to improve your mental abilities in mathematics and arithmetic. You studied mathematics in school but in different languages. In English, the symbols and methods are different than others. When I took the last lesson with Mr. Steven, I was surprised because I studied different things in my language. I found it easier in English because mathematics is very complicated in Arabic…

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  • Math In Medicine

    judge a topic that they might not be very educated on the specifics of. Mathematics not only helps medical research specialists when trying to find equations to new chemicals, but these same discoveries help create pharmaceutical drugs that could lead to curing certain ailments and illnesses around the U.S., and even the world. According to the Imperial College of London, “Medicine has become increasingly reliant on mathematics in recent years”, meaning that equations and…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career For A Career In Computer Science

    permanently fill the position – I knew my medical obligations would conflict with the position for several months. Later, knowing I was distraught by giving up the job, one of my professors helped me find work as a private tutor for programming and mathematics. I spent most of my spring semester and summer tutoring kids in Scratch and JavaScript until I needed to move for grad…

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  • Three Technologies Review Paper

    learning and understanding mathematics. This website uses manipulatives to help students visualize relationships and applications. This resources allows teachers to enrich their mathematical lessons. Pre-K - 12th Math 2. Buzzmath is a website and mobile application that focuses on learning and practicing middle school mathematics skills. is a website and mobile application that focuses on learning and practicing elementary and middle school mathematics skills. This…

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  • Arts And Personal Knowledge

    piece. Like mathematics, shared and personal knowledge do not play equal roles in the Arts. Conversely, within the Arts, personal knowledge has a larger role because of the extra emphasis placed on the artist’s story behind the piece and the emotions and beliefs embedded within it. Shared knowledge plays only a small role within the Arts because, like Mathematics, it is a fluid entity that is always changing, yet it is never standardized to one style or one piece. Unlike Mathematics which…

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  • Manipulatives In Maths

    objects that appealed to several different senses and were designed specifically to teach mathematical concepts and since the early 1900’s they have come to be considered as an essential tool in their teaching. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) recommends manipulative…

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  • Narrative Essay On Mathematical Modeling

    solving test, you will be given a situation and then a question. Then, you will interpret the problem and find the solution to the problem. Since we have been answering a lot of problems in college and even in high school, from different branches of Mathematics and even Sciences like Physics 31, I, in my own understanding of modeling, you’re given an event that happens within a frame and you have to describe what happens in the event as time progresses in terms of a mathematical equation. Since…

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  • Interpreting Mathematics

    Mathematics is the language of numbers, and in order to interpret this language a student has to acquirer the ability to compute a series of numbers, symbols and equations. This is one subjects that is most struggled in. Confusion along with frustration fall upon some learners in the attempt of understand this unique lingo. The possibility of avoiding math and lack of willingness to learn this language could be exhibited from some students. To comprehend and attempt to correct this dilemma a few…

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