Matteo Carcassi

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    from the SAC guitar studio. The Recital started at 7:30 pm with a brief introduction by the directors Tom Sprayberry and Matt O’Neill. They explained that this was the first recital by the aspiring music majors of the college. They performed about thirteen different pieces from different periods in history, ranging from the Baroque period up to the 20th century. The event was a recital since several soloists performed the program. The performing group members were: Isaac Martinez, Osbaldo Garza, Christian Dunham, Tyler McCardle, Arlete Perez, Giovanni Medrano, Joshua Altic, Will Clegg, Harley Robledo, and Emilio Cintron. Some of the pieces that seemed the most interesting to me are as follow. The first composition was Op.60 No.4 by Matteo Carcassi. This piece is part of his most famous work 25 Etudes op.60, a method for guitar that blends technical skills and romantic music. This composition represented a technical challenge and included simple harmonic structures. This particular piece seemed intermediate in level, since it didn’t have many changes in positions on the guitar or variations in tempo. The second piece was Wilson´s Wilde by anonymous. This is a renaissance piece, which seemed of greater difficulty. I think that this was a great song to include in the performance since I imagine that during the renaissance it was performed with a lute, a string instrument that was the predecessor of a guitar. The piece Mazurka-Choro No1 by the Brazilian composer Heitor…

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